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Thieves steal $7,000 in Silver Age comics from California store

comic bugThieves smashed the door of The Comic Bug in Manhattan Beach, California, this week and made off with about $7,000 in Silver Age comic books, including The X-Men, The Fantastic Four and The Amazing Spider-Man. However, owners Jun Goeku and Mike Wellman seem to have retained their sense of humor.

“I guess they couldn’t wait, and they started Free Comic Day early,” Goeku told Easy Reader of the theft, which occurred sometime between 10:30 p.m. Sunday and 7 a.m. Monday.

The retailers also posted a photo of the burglary’s aftermath (at right) on the store’s Facebook page, “We never let a little thing like a store burglary get in the way of a GOOD TIME! Spread the word far and wide that FREE COMIC BOOK DAY is STILL ON at The Comic Bug this Saturday! We have an unprecedented amount of awesome cosplayers and comic creators.”

Indeed, The Comic Bug’s FCBD lineup includes appearances by the likes of Richard Starkings, Barbara Kesel, Richard Isanove, Jeff Stokely and D.J. Kirkbride. The store also plans on Tuesday to take FCBD to the to the pediatric ward at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center in Torrance.



What is up with all these comic book thefts lately? Seriously people you only think they’re worth a lot.

That said, I really love how they’re not letting it ruin their business or anyone else’s day. I hope they get a lot of business and love from their customers . . . and that they catch the thieves.

Yay for FCBD.

Jeez Comic Bug has the worst luck. I remember when their old location burnt to the ground several years ago.

Still, their new location is fantastic and the owners are a couple of the swellest retailers Ive ever met. Hope they catch these jerks.

Sad when I saw this on FB. It’s such a great shop. And what other shop can you pop in and catch Starkings just hanging out on the couch sketching. Plus it’s next to Trader Joe’s which has good vegan cookies.

Awful news about the robbery, but I LOVE the idea of taking FCBD to kids in a medical facility. That’s just a wonderful idea. Much respect for that!

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