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‘Travel + Leisure’ spotlights ‘America’s Best Comic Book Shops’

Desert Island in Brooklyn

Desert Island in Brooklyn

Travel + Leisure offers an overview of what it dubs “America’s Best Comic Book Shops,” a collection that, like most any list, is sure to trigger a chorus of “Yeah, but what about –?” Most of the magazine’s selections will be familiar to most readers — Meltdown Comics, Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find and Midtown Comics, for instance — but at least a couple may strike you as “new.”

In its introduction, the magazine somewhat vaguely explains what lifts a store from run-of-the-mill to one of the best, saying “Style helps, as does a focused approach to stock” (these kinds of things are subjective; you can’t really expect a scientific formula).

However, what I found most interesting was this observation: “Indeed, as comics shift to digital, innovative stores are remaking themselves as community centers. Meltdown Comics in L.A. is a prime example: comics, toys, games, apparel, and collectibles shop rolled into an art gallery and stand-up comedy theater totaling 14,000 square feet. Atomic Books in Baltimore opened a bar in back, pouring beers brewed in collaboration with artists/publishers.”

Visit the Travel + Leisure website for photos and brief profiles of each of the 14 stores. To locate a shop near you, visit



So I was ready to get all up in your face Travel and Leisure then I saw no. 10. Oh yeah. Easily one of the coolest comic shops . . . very welcoming to new readers, women, children and old comic fans too. The people are friendly and nice and it isn’t part of a chain its a bit of a Mom and Pop surrounded by cool other shops. So yeah. Well deserved too . . .

“Indeed, as comics shift to digital, innovative stores are remaking themselves as community centers…”

So true. I used to go to Meltdown every week when I lived in L.A., and the community was almost entirely the reason.

Congrats to the folks over at The Laughing Ogre in Columbus for being first on the list.

Damn, San Francisco, you’ve been hiding some fine comic shops!

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