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Watch Brian Michael Bendis’ TEDxCLE comics talk


Early last month Brian Michael Bendis returned to Cleveland for the first time in 14 years to speak at a TEDxCLE event at the Cleveland Museum of Art. His nearly 25-minute presentation, “The Little Boxes,” is now available online.

“I was young, and I would read these books, and I became obsessed with the little boxes in the front of the book, the little boxes with the names of the people who were responsible for the experiences I was having,” the writer recalls. “At first I thought I just wanted to see my name in those boxes because I thought it was the coolest place on Earth to see your name. I was a little kid, it seemed really cool to me. But really what was happening was I was experiencing — we’ve all experienced it in some medium — I was experiencing true storytelling for the first time.”

Watch the entire presentation below.


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As someone who both wants to write comics and loves Bendis, this entire talk made me smile.

I liked this presentation by BMB.
I have never liked, nor will I ever like, comic books written by BMB.

As much as I love comedy, I just can’t force myself to sit thru 25 minutes of this guy.

I can’t.

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