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What ‘Arrow’ has been missing: Lightsabers … and Ewoks


Watching the April 16 episode of Arrow, Dave Jones thought the big fight scene between Slade Wilson and Oliver Queen would look “pretty nifty” as a lightsaber duel. So he transformed the sequence into something straight out of Star Wars, complete with musical score, opening crawl, blasters and cameos by R2-D2, mouse droids and, yes, an Ewok.

The result even received an endorsement from Arrow star Stephen Amell. Watch the video below.



Thanks for sharing! BTW, my name is Dave Jones (not Dave Scott). For those outside the US, the video is available on Vimeo at

Everything is better with an Ewok :).
Amazing work!!

I didn’t know what to expect when I clicked on this… but I gotta say, it was surprisingly seamless. The Ewok was cool, but I especially loved R2D2 running around in there. :)

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