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Finger gets cover credit on re-release of ‘Detective Comics’ #27


It may not seem like much — or enough, to be frank — but it’s noteworthy that when DC Comics releases a new, free version of the original Detective Comics #27 on “Batman Day” July 23, it’ll include a cover credit for “the uncredited, unrecognized and unsung creative force” behind Batman, Bill Finger.

ComicsAlliance’s Chris Sims, a noted Batmanologist, said in a post last week, “Finger is, of course, the writer of the earliest Batman comics, whose contributions to the creation of the Dark Knight include the costume and color scheme, the origin story, the lack of superpowers, the words ‘Batmobile’ and ‘Gotham City,’ Robin, the Joker and numerous other elements. Unfortunately, due to some legal trickery by his collaborator and actual supervillain Bob Kane, Finger’s never been officially identified with a ‘Batman created by’ credit in any published works or films or other Batman media.”

Finger’s lack of credit on comics’ most famous character led to the Bill Finger Award, which recognizes writers “for a body of work that has not received its rightful reward and/or recognition.” Sims also points out that because cover credits for creators weren’t used when Finger was actively working on Batman, this is likely the very first time he’ll receive one — so it’s a long overdue step in the right direction.


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Yes!!!! Take that, Kane!!!

I SERIOUSLY will believe DC’s long overdue step in the right direction when I see “Bill Finger” before the (disputed) “Bob Kane” on every Bat-related titles.

Maybe in another seventy five years they’ll put Finger’s name above Kane’s.

He deserves top Bill-ing.

On a side note, what a give up on that cover. They couldn’t have gotten something original?

A free special issue that is a reprint of the regular New DC Detective #27 that we paid a mere few months ago???

What a cheap rip off!

Yeah. I was wondering of the lack of an original cover art too. It seems really easy to get anybody to draw a picture of Batman….

Rollo Tomassi

June 9, 2014 at 6:36 am

How great would it be if, for Batman’s 75th Anniversary, the WB lawyer army got together with Kane’s widow and Finger’s family and hashed out whatever legally needs to get hashed out to FINALLY give Finger his rightful recognition.
Hope springs eternal.

It would be great if DC could get them to hash it all out, but the Kane family has shown ZERO interest in it. They’re clinging to Bob Kane being the sole creator of Batman, no matter how much evidence piles up to the contrary.

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