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Florida Citrus mascot to get a Marvel makeover

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The Florida Department of Citrus is hammering out a roughly $1 million deal for Marvel to give its mascot Captain Citrus a superhero makeover in an effort to market orange juice to teens and children.

The Lakeland, Florida, Ledger reports that the contract, expected to be finalized later this month, calls for Marvel to transform the cartoonish anthropomorphized orange (above) into a buff male superhero who will preach the nutritional benefits of orange juice. The company will publish 1 million comics for free distribution through schools, summer camps and the like, and create an additional two stories to be released online.

Another 2.5 million Captain Citrus inserts will be included in the Blu-ray and DVD release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, which arrives Sept. 9.



“Hey kids! Drink my blood!” That’s why Citrusman doesn’t do advertising. Actually he would have taken half the money. LOL

Lol, Cap. Citrus enters to the tune of Windows 98’s “Ta-Da!”

they couldn’t recruit Disney’s old Orange Bird?!?

Curious. Make the character like Carol Danvers- include a flowing cape.

I’m looking forward to this. Orange you?

Man, they wasted their money. It looks like a 70’s reject character. They should have gone to Disney (a long time Florida company) instead of Marvel.

That’s the current Captain Citrus, not the Marvel version.

WTF?! Captain Citrus? Lol, sounds like a great superhero. I can already see him as the newest Avengers recruit. Samuel L. Fury: “Captain Citrus, agent Coulson and I would like to talk to you about Avengers Initiative”

I really don’t get it. How did they think that this would be worth all that money? After all it’s not like Marvel can turn something named Captain Citrus into a big blockbuster franchise. And I doubt it’s gonna help kids care about orange juice that much more. But hey, if it gets just one kid into drinking more orange juice then maybe that’s enough for them.

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