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For Dark Knight’s 75th, Warner Bros. Tours adds Batman Exhibit

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After teasing on Twitter what many fans speculated would be a big reveal for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Warner Bros. Tours instead has announced its own contribution to the Dark Knight’s 75th-anniversary celebration: the Batman Exhibit.

Beginning June 26, VIP tours will be offered at the Burbank, California, studio, with guides pointing out locations from Warner Bros.’ Batman films on the way to the newly transformed Studio tour museum, where more than half the ground floor is now devoted to Dark Knight movie memorabilia, from six big-screen Batsuits to costumes worn by Catwoman, Poison Ivy, The Riddle, Mr. Freeze. There are also prop weapons, such as the Joker’s cards, Penguin’s umbrella and Bane’s bomb.

The Warner Bros. Picture Car Museum will also showcase such iconic vehicles as the Tumbler, the Bat-Pod and the Bathammer, and visitors even will be given an opportunity to operate the Bat-Signal themselves. In addition, the studio will have a limited number of Batman-themed carts to take fans around the lot.

Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have announced a slate of activities for Batman’s 75th anniversary, including the  July 23 Batman Day, the home-video release of the 1966 television series, new merchandise, and the fall premiere of Gotham on Fox.

Tickets for the Batman Exhibit, which cost $54 each, can be purchased online or by calling 877-4-WB-TOUR.

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Ah, man….. This is really awesome, but I don’t know if it is $54 worth it! Maybe if they let me drive around in the Batmobile it will be more worth it…

Of course $54 is worth it! To be able to go would be completely worth it! I live a good ways away but it’s def on my to do/bucket list now. Wait for me Batman!!!! lol

$54 for just the Batman exhibit? Geez. And like…most of those movies sucked.

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