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Forget Tony Stark’s fortune: Black Panther is richest superhero


Speaking of billionaire heroes: U.K. loan site Buddy Loans has employed scientific research (Wikipedia,, etc.) to arrive at a rundown of “The World’s Richest Superheroes” … which also includes villains. But never mind that: It’s actually a pretty fun chart that’s topped by not Bruce Wayne or Lex Luthor, but rather by Black Panther, whose estimated worth of $500 billion – billion — leaves everyone else in his dust.

As king of Wakanda (not “Wakanada”) T’Challa controls the world’s supply of Vibranium, which accounts for most of his wealth. By contrast, fellow head of state Victor Von Doom possesses only about $35 billion; on the plus side, he also has his own time machine and robot army, so maybe it all evens out.

Bow before Doom’s entry below, and see the rest at Buddy Loans.

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I think “Wakanada” may be Wakanda’s less-populous, but more polite, northern neighbor.

Of course there aren’t women. Emma Frost? Kathy Kane? Even Wonder Woman? Paradise Island should have a ton of treasure on it. Emma also bankrolled the X-Men after Schism. Just sayin’.

You mean bow before the Black Panther.

capt usa (jim)

June 3, 2014 at 5:04 pm

Where did they get the “vibranium is stronger than adamantium” from? That goes contrary to pretty much everything ever written on the two.

oh man, it sucks that they made an infographic and misspelled the country name. HURRRRP.

How about Namor? Not T’Challa level but probably richer than Doom. He’s got a larger kingdom.

capt usa (jim)

June 3, 2014 at 5:21 pm

On top of the fact that Namor looted all those wrecked ships in the oceans.

Is that T’Challa’s wealth or Wakanda’s wealth?

Oops. My mistake. I meant Shuri, not T’Challa, since she is the queen of Wakanda.

Pat, the two main differences between the eight men listed as compared to, say, Wonder Woman, is that: 1) Her powers and possession are all gifts from the Greek gods so she’s never needed wealth, and 2) She’s never done anything that would bring her wealth. As for Paradise Island, well, she doesn’t own it – or even rule it.

Emma Frost’s finances rise and fall every few years. One year she’s unbelievably rich, then she loses all of her money and she’s broke again. At last look, she had sunk all of her assets into Utopia Island…which then sank. Of course, with her mental powers and questionable morals/ethics, it probably wouldn’t take her too long to accumulate another fortune.

Kathy Kane is an heiress to a substantial fortune – but as far as I’m aware, there’s never been a specific amount noted of her total wealth. And since the “heir to a fortune” trope is so cheesy and overdone in comics, the writers may be trying to reference it as little as possible.

I have a few issues with Black Panther topping the list. It’s equating a nation’s wealth with its ruler’s personal wealth, for one thing. In the case of Doom, sure, he’s an absolute dictator and his people are poor while he can make robots to spread Latveria’s chief export (doom). I think it’s different in Wakanda’s case, unless I’m terribly mistaken about financial distribution in monarchies, which I haven’t studied at all.

More to the point, T’Challa isn’t the ruler of Wakanda anyway, as mugiwara noted. That would be Queen Shuri. All T’Challa is king of at this time is the dead, and that’s tough to monetize. Furthermore, not only does Wakanda NOT own the world’s entire supply of Vibranium (Antarctica has Vibranium too, although it is a different kind of Vibranium), but unless something has changed that I haven’t seen, the world’s entire processed supply of Wakandan Vibranium is inert and has been for years!

And then you consider the sheer amount of reconstruction necessary after Namor’s invasion during AvX and I think it’s clear that the financial record is faulty, at best. The only question here is who’s at fault. Is it the fault of Buddy Loans for flimsy research? Or has Wakanda’s treasury been misreporting financial statements? I’d love to trust T’Challa’s bank records, but how can I after he brought the Illuminati back together after he himself deemed it a terrible idea oh those many years ago?

I realize that getting information from such a secluded country could be problematic, but I really hope a financial reporter with some real guts is willing to do the legwork needed to uncover a fictional character’s real finances.

Batman couldn’t be worth more than Lex Luthor, because Luthor cares far more about money, and having it, than Bruce Wayne does.

Juan Hernández

June 3, 2014 at 7:35 pm

I wonder where other characters like Norman Osborne, Uncle Scrooge, Princess Celestia, Aquaman or Willy Wonka stand.

I mean, Norman has enough money to found an army of goblins, Uncle Scrooge has a cubic ton of gold, etc.

No wealthiest superheroine? FAIL!


June 3, 2014 at 8:58 pm

i thought Wakanda couldn’t make a bit profit of Vibranium… i mean it’s highly dangerous, and when it’s addressed in the stories it always was obtained in some black market…

it came from the fridge

June 3, 2014 at 9:39 pm

What about Ultimate Nick Fury/S.H.I.E.L.D.?
I seem to remember him telling someone he could have every man, woman and child in Africa in solid gold underpants by Friday…. that’s not a poor man/organisation!

Of course, the list was just limited to superheroes. However, if it were *all* comic characters, I’m quite sure Uncle Scrooge would top the list. To use the Hulk’s catchphrase, “Scrooge richest one there is.” ;-)

Black Panther has to be made the perfect everything, even wealth.

Ok, i will create a character that will be richer than the rest…..(ironic)

Are you people serious? Or is it that this character is just so easy to hate?

People like to complain.

The list was probably meant to focus on comic characters who interact with the business world or can obtain money via their abilities, i guess. Has Wonder Woman ever bank-rolled the Justice League? Damn.

I wanted to know how much Reed Richards is worth though.

How about Thor? You mean Wakanda is wealthier than Asgard? I’d like to see Wakanda try to equip an army strong enough to wage hundreds of years of insterstellar war to forge intergalactic peace…

Bogus list! Scrooge McDuck has been proven to have vastly more wealth than anyone else in comics. I call shenanigans!

Others have covered the folly of BP being wealthy, vs his nation’s wealth.

What I disagree with, is IM being more wealthy than BM.

How does Tony’s suits cost more than Bruce’s tech and gadgets? Bruce helped build the JL Watchtower. He has a satellite in the sky.

If anything, Bruce has more money than Tony, by simple virtue of Bruce not spending (wasting) his money as lavishly as Tony does.

Vibratium is not stronger then Adamantium. Vibratium absorbs and reflects energy. Cap’s first shield was Adamantium and the replacement for a time was Vibratium.

But why only two. How about Lex? Surely his net worth is immense. Richards is no slouch either. WHat about Hank Pym or any of the other inventors?

Owning a country can give you great wealth but with that comes great responsibility. There is always some upstart rebel wanting to take you out.

hahahahahahahahahaha…it’s funny that people would rather have a duck be richer than a black (african) man, oh man americans are so crazy!

Isn’t T’challa not the king of wakanda any more? Also can you even claim all that wealth as his? Where as with Dr. Doom he is the ruler (I.e. All is doom and doom is all) of his country, wakanda has financial advisors and other things to indicate that wealth is the country’s not his. Same goes for Aquaman, Namor, Wonder Woman, and the other sovereigns of their own realms (since remove them and the country still holds that wealth). Did T’challa pocket all the profits after Doom stole the metal?

Victor Freeman

June 4, 2014 at 4:52 pm

Lmao. This is all pathetic. All this whining? Yikes. Yes the piece is correct. Suck it up! T’challa IS Wakanda! :smh: That’s a common theme that has been stated OVER AND OVER in the actual published comic books. Even in the current New Avengers, this is mentioned. Opps. Nevermind he also is the owner of Wakanda Design Group, which handles Vibranium (export) as well as exporting of technology like the Quinjets where T’challa is the chief designer!!! Wakanda is way above 500 billion. T’challa family has more than 500 billion. T’challa net worth is 500 billion.

Deal with it!!!

There was a Hickman-written issue of either Fantastic Four or FF where T’Challa was quoted as working on an economic diversification program to make sure that Wakanda wasn’t going to find that Vibranium Mound turning into a fiscal noose around the kingdom’s neck. That program was probably already well underway for at least a decade.

Don’t worry guys, they also misspelled “inheritance.”

The Black Panther is just so easy to hate. He is the most stupidly written character in Marvel. He once put The Silver Surfer in an arm lock. He’s torn through Iron Man’s suit with ease. He’s 10 steps ahead of everyone else planning every single bit of his life. One of the few survivors of the Zombie Apocalypse. Richer, by orders of magnitude, over everyone else. Runs his own country, multiple businesses, superhero, ability to stop time (he’s got tech for that), ability to teleport (he’s got tech for that too).

Every time he shows up in a comic I’m reading, I cringe…

If this were about Batman, no one would say anything.

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