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One man’s ‘man cave’ is his wife’s ‘nerd room’

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Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn, your weekly invitation into one fan’s life. Today’s collection comes from Blaine in Murfreesboro, Tennessee — a graphic designer, comic book collector and toy collector “for many years.” He shared his comics, toys, metal signs, Pez dispensers and more.

If you’d like to see your collection here on Robot 6, you can find submission details at the end of this post.

And now here is Blaine …


Here is my mancave, or, as my wife Shannon refers to it, my nerd room.

2014-05-17 20.00.10

2014-05-17 20.00.24

2014-05-17 20.00.48

2014-05-17 20.01.04

As you enter my office/mancave, I have a bookshelf with all my comic book TPBs. I mostly have Marvel Masterworks and DC Chronicles. I have all the DC ones and almost am update to date on the Marvel Masterworks. Also have a few of the Archie Archives from Dark Horse Comics. I like these books since its probably the only way I can read them all at an affordable price.

2014-05-17 20.01.16

2014-05-17 20.01.23

2014-05-17 20.01.31

2014-05-17 20.01.42

2014-05-17 20.01.52

2014-05-17 20.01.58

Next I have my Transformers bookcase. Most of these are from the past 10-15 years and the originals such as Devastator, Optimus Prime, Megatron, etc. in boxes are Japan Encore or Hasbro re-issues. I wasn’t too kind to my original Transformers growing up and they are not in good shape.

2014-05-17 20.02.34

2014-05-17 20.02.40

2014-05-17 20.02.51

2014-05-17 20.03.04

2014-05-17 20.03.13

Next is my Pez collection. I have been collecting these since the late 1990s. Alot of these are not being released anymore like Looney Tunes and Flintstones. I have 386 Pez dispensers so far including the box set ones such as Elvis and Star Trek. I also have most of the Super-Hero ones released in the last 15 years. I am excited Pez has been releasing more of them in recent years such as Lizard and Catwoman. I am looking for the new Flash dispenser which is scheduled to come out later this year.

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cool collection espically love all the old movie posters and the transfomers display including a complete devestator

aww man, he’s got the constructicons and Devestator in box!

Absolutely freaking brilliant collection! First time I’ve seen the new MOTU figures together and, truly, they look amazing. As you’ll imagine I’ve a great love for your Transformers shelves as well. Man cave or nerd room, this is a collection of which you should be very, very proud. The entire effect feels comfortable, warm, memory-sparking and just plain cool.

dont bump that pez shelf :P

Absolutely breathaking! I love it!!!
Although, imagine how tedious that pez display would be to set up again if it got knocked over.

Seems like someone is running out of space ;)

That transformers shelf is AWESOME

Awesome collection!!!

I really like this feature on CBR. My only problem with it is the title. Can you come up with something more positive? Using ” porn” to describe something as really impressive and cool is super lame and, despite what you may think, is slowly eating away at your soul. Just has such a negative connotation. Let’s raise our standards a bit and make the world better with the little things! I really don’t want to read an article depicting beloved characters and whatnot from my childhood with the word “porn” in the headline. You’re crapping all over the things you love. Kids read this website too, something to keep in mind.

Really cool. Inspires me to post my stuff too, but im in the middle of looking fo a new place, once i move, ill post for sure

“Man Cave”.

I loathe that term.

Have men become so hen-pecked and subservient that they need they own little corner in the house to put their things in?

From “A man’s home is his castle” to “my man cave”.

What a fall.

I agree with Tom and hope the horse hasn’t bolted. Perhaps temple or sanctuary?

The Devastator, among much of the G1 figures displayed, are reissues from Takara and Hasbro.

A few years before the 20th anniversary, the original figures were reproduced and sold as collectors pieces. Hasbro did a “Commemorative Series” with Dreamwave art on the covers. Takara did a straight up reissue line with no special name. Then Takara did the more recent reissue line, called “Encore!”

Devastator looks to be the “Encore!” one.

As for the TF shelf – I find the choices a little odd. Most of the figures are from the Alternator and Classics era of 2004-2008. Yet, I also see Generations Scoop and Sandstorm – which came out in the past year.There’s like a 5 year gap in figures.

Actually, come to think of it, there’s ROTF Megatron from 2010 and Cyclonus from around the same time. Still a gap, but not as large.

Please tell me you’re joking Tom, LOL. If not you seriously need to grow a pair if you’re offended by something like calling this section shelf porn. Sad…

Awesome collection. I love the diversity. Thanks for sharing.

Not joking Hugh. Grow a pair? You should be offended and it’s sad that you’re not. You’re indirectly defending the normalization of one of the nastiest unaddressed plagues on our society. If anybody needs to “man up” here it’s you, dude.

That DVD collection is amazing. I haven’t seen someone with a set up like that in a while — I guess a lot of people have downsized since the early releases take up so much space and a lot of TV is available through streaming and all that — but having so much of everything there looks great.

Re: Dar — the whole “man cave” thing is about having a section of your house devoted to your interest. No different than back in the day when a guy had a workshop or something, except it can be about anything and everything. It has nothing to do with being henpecked or any kind of loss in status since, like, the 50s, or whatever you’re thinking.

Re: Tom and Hugh — you’re wasting each other’s time arguing about this in the discussion thread. It comes up every now and then that the name should be changed, but it’s been like this for five years. You’re better off emailing CBR requesting a change than getting cheesed off here.

Re: Bill Tudor — It’s hilarious because we’re all probably not gay, but he said we are. Which makes it funny. Get it?

Have a good day.
G Morrow

Great collection, especially the wall-mounted stuff. I’m still thinking out how to display my comics like that, though I’m going less for valuable comics and more for comics very significant to me, like the first issue of my firs pt series, the first appearance of one of my favourite characters, etc.

Instead of arguingnover the use of the word porn hereb. We can take the word porn to also mean Its other definition – publications or broadcasts that demonstrate an unhealthy or voyeuristic interest in a particular subject: property porn; food porn..
Isn’t that what we all basically do here?

Jayce and The wheeled Warriors on DVD!!!!!!!
I WANT!!!!

Great collection…love it all. I can appreciate the depths of your collection.
Thanks for sharing

My 12-year-old self would go NUTS not being able to play with half of your collection!

In response to one of the posters here: using the word “porn” will not “slowly eat away at your soul”. That comment made me roll my eyes so hard I have to go to my optometrist.

You need a bigger room so that you Can display all of your stuff! I like the metal signs. Maybe I’ll pick a few of those up since I don’t collect floppies but I still want something to decorate my walls.

also, regarding tom’s comment about shelf porn (or pr0n as it’s often called to further differentiate it from actual porno), it has become a common name for pictures of things that are meant to be ogled over. Like chadfa said, there’s shelf porn, food porn, guitar porn, motorcycle porn etc… I will admit that it gets a little weird once you’re talking about pictures of living creatures like cats, as we frequently do on teh internetz (cat porn?) and I don’t even want to know what baby photos on the internet would be called…

And seriously, man caves are not a sign of men being subordinate to women, it’s just a more overtly macho name for an office or study, something men have kept for a long time.

BTW I’d assume that back in the ’50s when men were men, women did all the interior decorating, and if a grown man wanted to cover the walls of his study with children’s toys and comic book covers, people would think there was something seriously wrong with him. I’d say we’ve made a lot of progress in the field of man-child rights ;p

Nice room . I’ve been thinking of adding a few of those steel signs to my room . Wow that’s a lot of Pez . I only got iron man and thor so far might try just collecting the marvel ones .

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