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SDCC | Hasbro’s Agent Venom figure is Walgreens exclusive


Hasbro has confirmed that the Marvel Spider-Man Legends Infinite 6-inch Agent Venom action figure announced last year at Comic-Con International will be available this fall, but it’s exclusive to Walgreens.

Although details are slim, the toymaker states that the figure will be available for preorder next month at Comic-Con; more information (presumably including price, and how and where you’ll actually get the figure) will be available at  the Hasbro booth.

Comic-Con International will be held July 24-27 in San Diego.





Darth Eradicus

June 24, 2014 at 3:29 pm

Hasbro really just needs to expand their newly-established direct market preorder idea to ALL their figures. Their efforts in the retail market have been nothing short of ridiculous for awhile now with many of the most-wanted figures going straight to eBay or not even making it to stores shelves at all…

There needs to be an Agent Venom figure I can ACTUALLY BUY in Canada. Outside of the minimate, there’s the disney store exclusive pack that he’s in, the disney store exclusive Marvel select figure and now this.

im not really into action figures, but i would buy this

Wha—? Walgreen’s exclusive? A limited edition action figure… that’s only available in a drug store aisle that usually sells toys that are 3 years out of their release date?

I don’t even

Wonder if this would do well if they put it in Guardians packaging for the movie this August. I mean, Flash won’t be in the film, but it’s not like the non-comics reading Spidey fan is going to recognize him either.

Walgreens is a freaking random place to have an exclusive figure. I wonder if it would make finding the figure easier or not….

This will not be easily found. It’s only one per case and Walgreens never puts full cases on its shelves. Finding one will be incredibly difficult.

Have no fear…..Walgreens has you covered. I just popped into my local store yesterday and they were just putting out the display. There was a whole display of nothing but agent venom. Be patient….I saw they arrived in TN a week or so ago and now they are popping up in the NC area. There was a separate display just for agent venom…proudly….which was like 8 of him.

If you haven’t seen them yet you will…..I kinda freaked out, and then was surprised. Walgreens is the shit. I am a regular at my store on the corner, and if you do the numbers this does make sense. They are as regular as Wal-Mart or Starbucks.

They’re not one per case……just keep checking, that’s how I found mine.

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