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SDCC | Kotobukiya reveals Batman first appearance statue


To celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Dark Knight, Kotobukiya is releasing the limited-edition First Appearance Batman ARTFX+ Statue.

Sculpted by Atelier Bamboo in 1/10th scale, the statue is based on Bob Kane’s rendition of the “Bat-Man” in 1939’s Detective Comics #27. (It’s worth noting that in its announcement, Kotobukiya refers to Batman as “created by artist Bob Kane and writer Bill Finger.”)

The statue, which comes with a magnetic display base, will be available exclusively at Comic-Con International in San Diego and through a limited pre-order event for non-attendees. Price and ordering details should be announced shortly.








Great. I was totally going to save money and pay off my bills this year… then this awesome thing comes along.

Awesome. Simple, and not over-detailed. I will be buying this… once I have the money. ^_^

That’s a really nice piece. I love the packaging as well.

As an aside, here are two things that crossed my mind after first seeing the photos:

1. What is Batman doing with his hands?

2. Batman appears ready to engage in some flashing.

Rey D.,

You’re funny.

Based on my observation, he is on the roof, waiting for the superstitious cowardly criminal thugs to look up and then he would spread his wing/cape to put some motherfucking fear onto them.

That, my dear sir, has been a mystery since the first images of Bob Kane’s Batman design was found. And now, you’ll be able to peep under the cowl and observe for yourself the kind of pose his hands are in… when you buy the statue.

Seriously though, this pose the statue is in is from one of Bob Kane’s original finalized design for Batman. See more at the link below.


Trust me, it was Bill Finger’s TRUE idea on original finalized design for Batman and almost everything else you knew about Batman’s universe, not Bob Kane’s.

Is that one of the Bob Kane drawings that was done many years after Batman’s debut which he signed with a backdated 1939 as “proof” that he was the sole creator of Batman? The guy was such a con artist and accomplished liar that he should have been in politics.

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