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‘Tellos’ tribute sketchbook to benefit Wieringo scholarship fund


Nearly seven years after the sudden passing of Mike Wieringo, a selection of tribute art has been collected by Todd Dezago and Craig Rousseau in the Mike Wieringo Tellos Tribute Sketchbook, available this weekend at HeroesCon.

The announcement came today from Wieringo’s Tellos collaborator Dezago, who said proceeds will benefit the Mike Wieringo Scholarship fund at the Savannah College of Art & Design, established in 2008. The sketchbook will be available at the table of Matt and Suzanne Wieringo.

The sketchbook includes contributions from the likes of Frank Cho, Karl Kesen, David Lafuente, Ryan Ottley, Brandon Peterson, Andie Tong and Jim Valentino.Debuting in 1999 from Image Comics, Tellos was a fantasy series centering on a young boy named Jarek, an anthropomorphic tiger named Koj, the fox thief Rikk and his companion Hawke, the pirate Serra and other heroes as they try to unravel the mystery of Jarek’s origins and stop the boy-wizard Malesur.tellos1



Hopefully they end up selling it on Amazon.

Maybe get Image to sell a digital copy on their digital storefront at some point? In the meantime, everyone at the convention should buy buy buy this and make the rest of us jealous.

Digital and/or available at SDCC, please! LOVE Tellos and Ringo’s art is sorely missed by this fan.

Imagine how much brighter the industry would be if Mike Weiringo were still alive and working today…

Definitely hoping it’ll be available outside HeroesCon in some capacity!

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