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The ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ action figure line, circa 1980


Fans who remember checking the pegs at Target for the latest releases in Kenner’s Star Wars action figure line can appreciate this: Eddie Utrata shares a mock-up of what a Guardians of the Galaxy action figure might have looked like in the 1980s, specifically the back of the card that holds the figure (which, if I’m being honest, was always my favorite part of browsing for action figures — looking at the back of the card to see what I was missing).

The box caught the attention of James Gunn, director of the big Guardians movie due in August:

For those unfamiliar with the back of a classic Star Wars action figure package, here’s a look at one (this one, obviously, is circa The Empire Strikes Back, which means they had a lot more figures available):


Utrata nails it really well; I think the only thing I’d argue with is having Groot and Rocket packaged together; that would be like getting C3PO and the smaller R2D2 in the same package, which would mean one less sales opportunity.



Darth Eradicus

June 14, 2014 at 1:51 pm

Back then, six bucks would have got you TWO figures (tax included), and you would have had an easier chance of getting every figure at your local department store than you would today…


sadly these things would have never seen shelves for mattel was doing marvel figures back in the 80s plus that nova corps figure looks like a plain solider type one. and ronan interesting he would have been blue if they had gotten made.

I guess the Glenn Close figure will be in Wave Two…

Would have been more impressed if the Guardians package was Kenner, not Hasbro.

1980 was 2 years before Hasbro entered the 3 1/2 inch figure market with their GI JOE line :)

I find the lack of Nebula disturbing.

This is too good! Seeing this makes me nostalgic for the 80s and I wasn’t even born then!

I remember paying $1.50 per figure at K-Mart back then. I was walking to a friend’s house and I found a $20 bill (sticking out half-buried from a pile of leaves). We convinced his mom to bring us to K-Mart, and we came home with 12 figures, mostly Stormtroopers and Jawas! And with all of those packages, we each were able to send away for the Survival Kit. That was such a great day.

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