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Warner Bros. and Mattel extend deal for DC superhero toys

Mattel BM Basic FigureWarner Bros. Consumer Products has renewed its 15-year-old partnership with Mattel in a multi-year deal that expands the toymaker’s rights to include upcoming DC Comics-based films and television series.

Under the terms of the agreement, Mattel will be able to develop toy lines based on the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League movies as well as the TV adaptations Arrow, The Flash, Constantine, Gotham and iZombie.

Mattel, which on Wednesday unveiled its full slate of Comic-Con International exclusives, has DC products spread across its brands, from vintage-style Batman Classic TV Series action figures to Hot Wheels DC Universe cars to the Fisher-Price Imaginext Super Friends line. The company also rolled out merchandise based on Man of Steel and Christopher Nolan’s Batman movies, and the popular Arkham video games.

“Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have an unrivaled portfolio of characters and a strong slate of content across all platforms which is essential to driving our global consumer products business — a business anchored by our long-term partnership with Mattel,” Brad Globe, president of Warner Bros. Consumer Products, said in a statement. “With so much opportunity on the horizon, we know Mattel will bring the talents of its world-class organization to create and market product lines for fans of all ages.”

Mattel’s other brands include Barbie, Matchbox and Mattel Games.

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Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman Bat-Bot



i’m “meh” bout this. just gonna be more Batman toys and such.

then again, it’s not like Hasbro did anything great when they had the license way back when.

DC Collectibles is where it’s at.

I guess DC isn’t going to cancel all their Batman comics to punish Mattel….

Mattel DC toys suck. Why do you think Young Justice couldn’t sell any toys, they had, like, zero points of articulation.

fans of arrow and the upcoming flash and Constitine can forgot about finding toys tied to them ever for Mattel will just focus on superman vs batman dawn of justice and just gotham since to them only batman and superman really sells .or if they do they wlll wind up showing mattel can’t do superhero toys to really match hasbro marvel stuff

Mattel’s toys suck. They’re horribly sculpted, horribly articulated, very poorly designed. Horrendous throw backs to 90’s comic designs. This is not good news, this is not welcome news. 0/10, will not be buying.

Why? Why?!? Mattel is terrible!

Literally the ugliest interpretations of Batman in his long history.

I’m very indifferent either way in the direction of Mattel now, nor Hasbro’s tenure with their lack of progress in the late 1990’s. If Mattel wants to really compete, they need to do like Kenner did with the Super Powers Collection. I’m not sure if they could reissue this old toy line because of licensing issues, but maybe they could make 4-inch figures of these again and maybe apply better articulation to these figures and maybe the other lines also.

You guys do know that mattel also did DC Universe Classics which were very well sculpted and articulated right. Same with their movie masters line. And neither of those had strange alternate costumes. Just because they show some of the crappy kiddie figures in the post doesn’t mean it’s all they’ve done

DC Universe Classics were overrated crap. The QC was dodgy on a lot of them, they had outdated articulation, poor paint apps and the plastic capes on some of them made doing posing really awkward. For an entire line effectively based around 3 or so buck bodies, it’s sad how little effort they put into a lot of the releases.

This deal again just sends out the message that Warner Bros is completely disconnected from it’s audience. Can’t believe I’m saying it but Make Mine Marvel. :(

I loved the DCUC line, but $20 for the same reused mold again and again just got stupid. I look at the Batman and JLA figures next to the Marvel figures on the shelves and I’m amazed at just how horrible the DC stuff looks, and how much they’re charging for it. It’s obscene. The only impressive thing they’ve got going at this point is Movie Masters, and that comes and goes.

Jesus wept, WHY? Its that arrangement that gave way to Young Justice being cancelled.

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