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After a 20-year hiatus, check out one fan’s return to collecting

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If you’d like to see your collection featured here on Robot 6, here’s what you need to do:

1. Take some photos and save them as jpgs.
2. Write up a little something about your collection.
3. Send them to me in an email. Please put the text into an email and attach the images as separate files; don’t embed them into a Word doc. Uploading them to Dropbox or a similar service also works.

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that is one cool collectiong espiclaly love the coffee table made of comic book pages

Is that the original art to the cover of Conan the Barbarian #1 on the wall? And Tales of Suspense #39? Wow!

Thanks . Coffee table was a winter project I am happy with out come . No Oedivanth they are reprints done by a local artist . 5 bucks a piece . Some day I am hoping to get a splash page of conan or iron man .

Great job sir. A couple ideas I may have to fold into my own shelf porn, though nice to know I’m not the only one who framed and hung up posters from Reign of the Superman, and Rise of the Midnight Sons. Love seeing all the Conan! BTW, where did the Superman poster come from? Is that a Jim Lee image?

I was gonna say, you can tell its been twenty years by the rise of the midnight sons posters? Loved that crossover as a kid. Nice collection room!

Thanks Meta4 & Vedit. The poster and matching tin plate I got for Christmas came from HMV music store . Not sure if its a Lee image just loved the black and white look of it . I still got all the midnight sons series . Even got a few still sealed . Thanks again .

tom fitzpatrick

July 5, 2014 at 5:43 pm

I remember those Captain Canuck when they first came out back in the day.

I like the dog in the chair, who’s obviously the master of the house! :-)

You wouldn’t happen to hail from Canada, would you John?

Sasquatch by Night

July 5, 2014 at 6:05 pm

That is an awesome collection, love all the the Iron Man and Captain Canuck. And is that Nth Man: The Ultimate Ninja I see? Quality book!

Sure do Tom , Captain Canauck was a classic .And Max the jack russell is a handful at that ( A big dog in a little body ) . . Yes Sasquatch by Night it’s a Nth Man Ultimate Ninja # 1 . A fun read like the cover for the spinner rack .

Love the collection. Very neat and clean and love the outstanding Conan collection. I too am a avid conan collector and almost have a complete run of Conan the Barbarian. Awesome collection!!!!!!!

Nice collections but the pictures are so small :(
cant see much

I envy your Iron Man collection, that’s a wonderful run of books to have. Love the display space, too – clean, uncluttered, everything really pops. Great stuff!

are those shelves holding the comic boxes custom or store bought

Great setup. Really classy.

are those shelves holding the comic boxes custom or store bought

I’m not John, but those look like expedit shelves from Ikea. They’re a perfect fit for longboxes — they fit the length and leave some room on the sides. Plus they look great besides. They’re discontinued in favor of the similar Kallax, but if you’re near an Ikea they might still have some in stock.

Have a good day.
G Morrow

Thanks every one no Dave they are store bought short boxes , You are right G Morrow shelves are from Ikea .( expedit I believe ) Yes Lance and Sean I enjoyed catching up on my conan and iron man after my break took awhile to find and read all of them . I have nearly a complete rum of Savage Sword mags now . They are my two favorites character’s . I tried to go for them neat and uncluttered look . Sorry marc about pics size . Thanks Ian . I looked at a lot of room pics on web before doing room .

can i come over and zoom yer vipers and raiders around for a few?

Love that spinner…

Anytime fugfar one f the few things that I managed to save from my child hood . Even have the board game still . Thanks Madcougar92 . Was happy to find it a few ago . Got it before the room .

Nice collection, is there much over hang with the boxes on the Ikea shelf. Ian thinking of switching from long boxes to a similar set up with short boxes.


Thanks Ian . With the short boxes there is no over hang . Shelves are 16 inches deep and a short box is 15 inches long . Fit rather nicely. I went to shorty because a fully loaded long is just to damn heavy to lift and move around . And you can’t build a shelf for what these cost . I am going to pick up a long 4 unit and lay side ways for a table to put my indies in . Then display a few figures that I recently picked up . Have a great one .

Really like the table you made for the comic boxes. Looks professional, nicely done.

Thank you , it was my first time building any type of furniture from scratch .

Love the collection. I’m starting my room on a budget now, and just did the same with 2 coffee tables and the light switches on the wall. it was a project me and my wife did together. Would love to show my room one day.

Awesome Manny , congrad’s on starting your room looking forward to seeing it here on cbr on day . I was thinking of covering some of my long boxes too . I was on a budget too did a piece here and there and after a year or so completed room . Still adding little things looking to get a neon light next saving for it . Later

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