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An art tribute to 75 years of Batman from Poster Posse


DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. aren’t the only ones celebrating the 75th anniversary of Batman. Poster Posse, a collective of global artists, has come together for a collection of Dark Knight that’s so amazing (and, well, large) that it’s being unleashed on blurppy in phases.

It’s difficult to pick any favorites, but I certainly gave it a try. See Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3 in their entirety at blurrpy, and look for more on the way.

batman-adam rabalais

Adam Rabalais (United States)


Sharm Murugiah (United Kingdom)


Sharm Murugiah (United Kingdom)

batman-robert bruno

Robert Bruno (United States)

batman-orlando arocenaOrlando Arocena (United States)

batman-laurie greasley

Laurie Greasley (United Kingdom)

batman-kaz oomori

Kaz Oomori (Japan)

batman-berkay daglar

Berkay Daglar (Turkey)

batman-andy fairhurst

Andy Fairhurst (North Wales)

batman-simon delart

Simon Delart (France)


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Dang… These all look so cool. I think my favorite is the vertical one with all the different Batmans throughout the ages.

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