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Bob Kane’s own copies of early Batman comics are for sale

detective27-kaneFans with a little extra cash in their pockets — OK, a lot of cash — have a chance to acquire pieces of Dark Knight history, as ComicConnect and Metropolis Collectibles are auctioning Batman co-creator Bob Kane’s own file copies of the character’s earliest appearances.

Those searching for pristine editions of Detective Comics #27 or Batman #1 will have to look elsewhere. These are copies of Detective Comics #27-45 and Batman #1-3 that were bound by DC Comics for editorial reference — as you can see, there’s a row of holes down the left — and later given to Kane. Still, the colors remain vibrant.

“Treasures like this only surface once in a blue moon,” ComicConnect/Metropolis Collectibles CEO Stephen Fishler said in a statement. “I was lucky enough to know Bob Kane. He told me, along with others, that he was just 17 when he sold the Batman character to an unwitting DC. Once the franchise took off, he leveraged that to renegotiate his contract with DC, and the file copies were part of the deal.”

We know now that Kane’s claim was false, as he was born in 1915, making him 22 or 23 when he sold Batman to the publisher. Nevertheless, he got what he wanted, including sole creator credit … and these file file copies, which come from the collection of screenwriter Bob Underwood. Fishler said they’re particularly important, because most Kane’s personal collection was destroyed.

ComicConnect had the issues on display last week at Comic-Con International. The auction begins Aug. 4 and continues through Aug. 25.


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These need to be in the Smithsonian not in some Sheik Yer Booti’s private collection. Sole creator huh? So that’s how Finger got squeezed out? Any money or recognition for him or the estate on this sale? Stan Lee must have been taking lessons from this guy.

Yeah, no thanks. Bob Kane’s leftover copies with holes punched in them. Could there be a more demoralizing group of issues to own? Without sounding like the typical geek they should probably give these to Bill Finger’s family at the very least.

These copies were autographed by Bob Kane, who wrote:

It was all me, I created Batman on my own, no one else was involved, and you can’t say otherwise, nyah nyah nyah! Signed, Bob “laughing all the way to the bank” Kane

Hmmmm, I wonder. Did Kane buy these comics, or steal them?

I agree. They should give them to Bill Fingers granddaughter. The Kane family should have taken the $30,000 they just spent getting Kane a star on the Hollywood walk of fame (!) and given that to the Finger family too. I hear his granddaughter cant afford to replace her broken computer!! Judgement Day is a-coming for them, too. I hear they have refused to modify the contract so Bill Finger can be given co-creator credit, that DC approached them recently. And Kane had even said in his autobiography he wishes he could go back and change things and give Finger credit. But hey, if they do that could touch their wallet. Yup Judgement Day coming for them, too.

What I don’t get is, shouldn’t Kane’s contract, the one where he said no one but him could be credited for Batman’s creation, be voided? Kane claimed he was under age when he made the first contract and it has since been proven that he was not, since the second contract was obtained through fraud, shouldn’t it be invalid?

Solid Snake – that’s what I think a lot of people are thinking. But, I think DC may not be interested in voiding that contract. That contract is what has given them ownership of Batman. If that is voided, it could be financial chaos. Same for the Kane family. I don’t know all of the legal ins and outs, but I am guessing they may not be interested in that void. That may be the Finger family fight with DC and Kane family not cooperating and fighting it.

Bill Finger’s role in creating much of the Batman mythos and legend began to be well documented back in the mid 60s by guys like Jerry Bails, Biljo White, etc. Folks seem to jump on band wagons regarding Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, or Bill Finger here, but for some bizarre rationals swallows the dung Stan Lee has uttered he was sole creator of the Marvel Universe. Why is that? Just wondering……

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