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Comics A.M. | Japan launches anti-piracy initiative

Luffy of "One Piece"

Luffy of “One Piece”

Piracy | The Japanese government is joining with 15 anime production companies and manga publishers to launch a major initiative that will target foreign pirate sites. The push will start Aug. 1 and will have two components: The government will send takedown requests to 580 pirate sites and also launch a website that directs people to legitimate sources of online manga. The Japanese Cultural Affairs Agency estimates that Chinese pirate sites cost the industry 560 billion yen (about $5.5 million) last year. [Crunchyroll]

Comics | Lidia Jean Kott talks with writer Jason Aaron about his female Thor and pays a visit to Fantom Comics in Washington, D.C., where a quarter of the customers are women and the bestselling title is Saga (the bestselling superhero comic is Ms. Marvel). [NPR]

The Property

The Property

Creators | Michael Cavna has a brief interview with Rutu Modan, whose The Property won the Eisner Award for Best Graphic Album. [Comic Riffs]

Creators | Box Brown talks about his new graphic novel Andre the Giant. [Pop Matters]

Creators | Brian Heater interviews Peter Kuper for the RiYL podcast. [BoingBoing]

Comics | Michael Calia offers six tips for comics newbies. [The Wall Street Journal]

Conventions | Last week, on the eve of Comic-Con, Maggie Thompson reminisced about the show’s early days. [Yahoo News]

Exhibits | Cynthia Rose reviews the U.K. exhibition “Comics Unmasked.” [The Comics Journal]

Retailing | Mitchell Davies, co-owner of All Star Comics in Melbourne, Australia, talks about how it feels to win the Will Eisner Spirit of Retailing Award. [The Sydney Morning Herald]



I am all for deleting the manga from the web. It’s time that people start reading more of the US and European comics instead of japanese comics.


uh no.

People should pay for content. Providers should make that content available on as many platforms as possible.

Dirk why do you care what people read so much?

Its good for them to do something about it, but I’m afraid the horse has long since bolted. Plenty of cool manga out there which we’d love to buy, but there is no way that we’ll ever see many of those titles officially released.

There are good comics from all nations, but when english is the prime language, which some don’t speak or read, there’s a barrier up. When U.S comics can start writing about the varied subjects that manga can cover, then they’d gain more of a following with fans. Least said about superheroes the better.

El problema es que también falta interés por parte de las empresas de comics y mangas por crear medios de acceso a diferentes idiomas, hay comics para vender via internet pero no estan en idioma español, igual con los mangas pero gracias a muchos fans piratas podemos tener el doblaje de todo ese material, las empresas deben preocuparse por llegar a mas audiencia internacional.

The problem is also lack of interest from firms comics and mangas to create means of access to different languages​​, there are comics to sell via the internet but are not in Spanish language, as with the sleeves but thanks to many Pirates fans we can have the dubbing of all this material, companies should care more international audience reach.

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