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Comics A.M. | Police accused of pre-SDCC homeless crackdown

Comic-Con International

Comic-Con International

Conventions | An advocate for the homeless claims San Diego police are harassing homeless people to keep them away from downtown during Comic-Con International. The mayor and police chief deny the accusation and say officers are simply doing outreach, but at least one homeless man has been given a “stay away” order. Comic-Con begins Wednesday with Preview Night. [ABC 10 News]

Digital comics | Following the news that the comics market was estimated at $850 million in 2013, of which $90 million was digital, George Gene Gustines looks at a couple of different digital models, including Thrillbent’s new subscription service and Panel Syndicate, Brian K. Vaughan and Marcos Martin’s name-your-own-price approach. [The New York Times]

Sam Wilson, the new Captain America

Sam Wilson, the new Captain America

Comics | Liz Watson compares Marvel and DC Comics in terms of diversity of characters, and finds DC severely wanting: “DC Comics uses a slavish adherence to the status quo to prevent anything socially-progressive from taking place on its pages. Co-Publisher Dan DiDio insisted the Batwoman wedding controversy wasn’t homophobic. The wedding was barred because DC heroes couldn’t have ‘happy personal lives.’ Apparently, audiences will believe a man can fly. They just won’t (or can’t) believe two women can be happily married!” [The Daily Beast]

Comics | Publisher David Fickling (who discovered Philip Pullman) talks about the all-ages children’s comic The Phoenix, which he launched because “The natural right of British children to comics needed to be asserted.” The weekly story comic has a strong lineup that wins praise from critics, but it only has a print run of 5,000. (It’s also available as an iPad app.) [The Guardian]

Batgirl by Babs Tarr

Batgirl by Babs Tarr

Creators | Artist Babs Tarr talks about the newest incarnation of Batgirl, which she will be illustrating for DC Comics. This is her first comic, although she has been doing illustration for years: “For so many years, I’ve been drawing for other people and it was great. It paid the bills, and I learned a lot about collaborating … but I was working on art that was not mine. DC saw my work and said ‘Yes, we like that.’ It’s my style…. It’s cool that DC has embraced the funkier side of comics.” [The Post and Courier]

Creators | Al Jaffee goes in depth about some of his favorite MAD Fold-Ins. [Paste]

Creators | Aaron Warner talks about Ghost Canyon, the photocomic he’s producing with his wife Angie. [Battle Creek Enquirer]

Conventions | Reporter Andrew Schneider looks at the changes in the convention scene, which is becoming big business: Toronto’s Fan Expo was bought by a European multinational, and now Fan Expo is buying shows, starting with Dallas Comicon. [WBAA]

Conventions | Almost 3,000 people came to Glasgow Comic Con to see Gail Simone, Erik Larsen and a host of Scottish creators; organizer Marc Boyle said the growth of the show, which is four years old, reflects the growth of comics culture in Scotland. [The Guardian]



As someone who has witnessed a homeless person harass two young women on the trolley during Comic-Con I say RIGHT ON SDPD!!!

No apologies!

It’s a multi-million dollar event, brings in MILLIONS to the local economy. shushing away the homeless who will busk and annoy is in the best interest.

I hate to say this, but I agree. U can’t have the homeless around an event that brings the city millions of dollars a year!

So basic decency and civil rights have a price tag?

Yes Paul they do. Everything has it’s price.

With regards to Liz Weston…

I love how all the people who don’t read a lot of comics applaud the whole “diversity” thing while regulating most of the fans to whiny, hateful fanboys.

People don’t like it because we’ve read enough to recognize Marvel’s move for what it is – a ploy that will be overturned in a year or two to temporarily boast sales.

Didn’t DC just introduce a latina as their new Green Lantern?

Hey, there’s only room for one set of unwashed people sleeping on the sidewalk around here.

it came from the fridge

July 21, 2014 at 10:32 am

I’d hope the action depends on the person’s behaviour, homeless or otherwise. If they’re minding their own business, and not annoying anyone (by virtue of their actions, not because they’re wearing 2nd hand clothing), leave them be. If they’re causing a disturbance, look for someone dressed as Frank Castle. Simple.

I’ve never noticed the homeless in San Diego, during SDCC or otherwise, being a big hindrance for tourism. This sounds more like a perception thing than an issue with the homeless themselves. With all the media attention the convention gets the city wants to put its best foot forward. Can’t have a stinky homeless guy in the background of a news segment, might give folks the wrong idea. Its just like when the Olympics arrive and cities do the same thing, sweeping the homeless away so they don’t look bad to the world. It’s a crappy thing to do and doesn’t help the issue at heart but it’s not a new thing either.

Josh: How do you know people like Weston don’t read a lot of comics? Comics needs to change to survive, and is, thankfully, changing. All the mainstream media coverage I’ve read concerning diversity has been overwhelmingly in a positive spirit, not disparaging to “hardcore” fans. Also, mainstream comics are commercial – every single thing about them is a ploy to increase sales. We all know this, but are happy to keep reading about the characters we love and remember from childhood. People like you aren’t hateful, but you sure are whiny.

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