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Future of ZombieWalk uncertain after Comic-Con accident


Courtesy of ZombieWalk: San Diego

The future of SDCC ZombieWalk: San Diego, held annually during Comic-Con International, is uncertain after a car drove into a crowd of participants and spectators Saturday, injuring three. A scheduled Oct. 26 event has been called off.

“Yes, the October walk is canceled,” organizers posted on their Facebook page. “We are evaluating continuing at all, at this point.”

Accounts of Saturday’s incident vary, but the San Diego Police Department says Honda Accord driven by a deaf man was stopped at Second and Island avenues at 5:30 p.m. as the procession of hundreds of participants in zombie makeup lumbered by. After waiting several minutes, the 48-year-old driver started rolling slowly into the crowd because his children, who are also deaf, were frightened. According to police, several people the surrounded the car and began hitting it, shattering the windshield. That’s when the father reportedly drove forward again, striking the 64-year-old woman. The crowd chased after the car as the family drove toward a police officer.

While many witnesses contend that zombie walkers and onlookers only surrounded the car after it moved into the crowd, others have blamed the incident on participants and “angry drunk spectators.”

ZombieWalk organizers defended the event on Facebook, pointing to a video of the the accident. “No zombies touching car that we can see,” the group states. “Man sits on hood of car, after car attempts to force way through people in crosswalk, nobody beating on car … we expect an immediate correction and retraction from ALL media who have claimed otherwise. […] We absolutely do NOT condone the actions of those who sat on the car and it is in our walk guidelines not to approach or touch cars. Has been for a long time. It’s clear those people were not part of our walk.”

Responding to a question about securing a police escort for next year’s event, the group’s representative wrote, “We had escort. IF there is a next year, we’ll discuss what needs to happen with those it needs to be discussed with.”

The 64-year-old woman, who appears to have been a passerby, was taken to the hospital with a possible broken arm. The driver was cited by police but not criminally charged. The incident is under investigation.

ZombieWalk isn’t sanctioned by Comic-Con International.



What, the driver was justified in Assault with a Deadly Weapon because his kids started crying? I hope the lady with the broken arm sues.

The driver wasn’t justified, but parades should obviously be illegal.

I don’t think they understand the meaning of “police escort” with reference to public spectacles or parade events.

Escorts allow you to legally redirect traffic. They obviously didn’t have that.

Deaf people are allowed to drive? I never knew that…

Finally, I read a educated response…lots of stupid ppl out there defending the driver.
Bill Davison who writes,

I am truly amazed at the number of people trying to defend the driver. That shows me that there are a lot of people here who do not understand the rules of the road. I suppose that’s not so surprising. It’s more surprising that they think that they know the rules when they clearly don’t. They can’t have done well in driver’s education and they probably just barely passed their driving tests. That should have been a clue that they aren’t experts. So once again: CVC 21950 requires motorists to yield to pedestrians at all marked crosswalks and at all unmarked crosswalks at intersections. If you have an intersection which does not have a marked crosswalk and it doesn’t have a “no pedestrian crossing” sign then it has an unmarked crosswalk. In these situations, pedestrians ALWAYS have right of way. The driver broke this law as soon as he started to move slowly into the crowd. The pedestrian’s were crossing the road not walking down the road. Also, right of way or not, it’s psychotic to try to drive through a group of pedestrians, even slowly. It takes a special level of self entitlement and a severe lack of basic human decency to think that’s OK. CVC 27001 prohibits the use of the horn except to ensure safe operation. His use of the horn was to tell people to get out of his way because he was going to force his way through. He broke this law as well. After things escalated, he also violated 23103 and 20001 and arguably committed assault with a deadly weapon. I don’t like this being referred to as an accident. This was no accident. It was intentional aggressive and dangerous driving.

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