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Holy second chances! ‘Lost’ Two-Face episode comes to ‘Batman ’66’


What’s this? DC Digital Editor Jim Chadwick doubling down on the delayed debut of television’s Two-Face? An unproduced script from the immortal Harlan Ellison to be adapted for the Batman ’66 digital-first series?

That was the word from the DC Digital panel at this year’s Comic-Con. Not to be outdone by IDW’s adaptation of Ellison’s original “City on the Edge of Forever” script, writer Len Wein, penciller Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, and inker Joe Prado are bringing Two-Face into the Batman ’66 world.

The comics version of the classic show has reached outside the filmed rogues’ gallery a couple of times, alluding to familiar (and subsequently created) characters like Harley Quinn and Killer Croc. However, Two-Face stands alone (ironically) as an A-list Bat-foe without a shot at small-screen ’60s stardom. According to Wikipedia, none other than Clint “Rowdy Yates” Eastwood was considered for the part (playing a scarred TV reporter instead of a prosecutor), but the character was deemed too gruesome for a kids’ show.

Chadwick didn’t offer any insight into Ellison’s take on the character, but no matter how “gruesome” this Two-Face turns out to be, he’ll probably look pretty great thanks to Garcia-Lopez and Prado.

Batman: The Lost Episode is scheduled for November.

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It would be awesome if DC could produce a comic for every episode in the TV series. Is 120 comics too much to ask?

Is this going to be part of the Batman ’66 series or a separate title, like Batman ’66 Meets Green Hornet?

DC needs to do a Superman ’78 title, rotating arcs written by Busiek and Waid with art by Garcia-Lopez and Jurgens. Begin by adapting the original Superman V treatment by Cary Bates that featured Brainiac and Kandor. Ignore Superman Returns completely. Get Gary Frank to do covers.

I’m thrilled that DC is finally going to have Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez work on an actual comic book story again, rather than limited edition variant covers that are too expensive for most people to afford. I’m definitely looking forward to getting this when it comes out.

@Superman, I’d almost rather see a Superman ’52 series, with villains classic and otherwise redesigned to fit on a syndicated, sponsored-by-Kellogs TV show.

Mostly because I still can’t believe they never used Lex Luthor.

is Ellison himself going to write the script for the comic? If an adaptor deviates one word, there may be a lawsuit.

Hypestyle, there’s no script for Wein to “deviate” from. Ellison’s pitch never got as far as a commission because Ellison had, in true Ellisonian style, gotten himself blacklisted at ABC and Dozier wasn’t allowed to buy any of Ellison’s pitches. (Ellison had gotten into a physical altercation with ABC’s Standards and Practices person over his script for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, which led to the blanket ban on Ellison for ABC series.) That’s why it’s a bit of a misnomer to call this “The Lost Episode”; it was never commissioned and no script was ever written. It was simply a rejected pitch, something that happens every day on every production in Hollywood.

I’d love a Superman ’52 title as well. I say the more, the merrier. We can’t get enough classic Superman these days, especially in light of the cancellation of Adventures of Superman.

Lois & Clark Season 5 title or GTFO!!

I really am curious on what Two Face will look like. Hopefully, not the “Dark Knight ” style scarring, that was very gruesome.

I’ve read Ellison’s script outline, and it’s a surprisingly faithful retelling of Bill Finger’s original Two-Face story. It’ll be interesting to see what Wein does when adapting Ellison’s own retelling of Finger.

“I’d almost rather see a Superman ’52 series, with villains classic and otherwise redesigned to fit on a syndicated, sponsored-by-Kellogs TV show.
Mostly because I still can’t believe they never used Lex Luthor.”

Luthor (played by Lyle Talbot in a skullcap) was the villain in the second Superman serial “Atom Man vs Superman”, which gave us a good look at how a low-budget supervillain would operate.
(And he used television equipment as a weapon!)
Ironically, Talbot would play Comissioner Gordon in the second Batman serial “Batman and Robin”…

An anthology series that adapts and expounds upon DC’s varied and somewhat obscure television and film properties would be AWESOME. ’52 Superman, Reeves Superman, Legends of the Super Friends live action special, Superboy, Burton’s Batman, Lois & Clark, even the old Flash TV show . . . and the unaired Justice League pilot . . . I can see a good year’s run of nostalgia there.

What no love for Wonder Woman ’75? I think it would make a great digital continuation.

Batman ’66 is awesome! I’m “old school”, so I buy the monthly issues. The writing and art is spot on. Each issue is a fun roller-coaster ride! I’d like to see villains like Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Clayface, Killer Croc, Harley Quinn, Man-Bat, Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia. Batman can be suspenseful without being “ghoulish” and “scary”!

This is great.

But what I REALLY want to see is an animated adaptation. With West and Ward as voices.

Allyn is right here. This is just Ellison at the nadir of his career trying to milk something that wasn’t all that special to begin with and never really happened.Do we really care Ellison was debasing himself by even bothering to script for the worst show in the history of TV anyway? Is he ill and needs the money or something? How many times is he going to beat that Trek script to death? Just write a Batman comic for DC already or did he get himself blacklisted there too?

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