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Hot Toys’ Rocket and Groot set is really cool, really expensive


Start saving your money now, collectors. Hot Toys has unveiled its Rocket Raccoon and Groot action-figure set for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It’s undeniably awesome (and I say that as someone who hasn’t collected action figures since childhood), but it’s also $360. I should point out, however, that you can set up a payment plan, which seems absolutely crazy for a toy, but what do I know.

The “movie-accurate” figures come with a weapon (for Rocket), an interchangeable angry expression face (for Groot) and interchangeable hands (for both). See more details and photos on the Sideshow Collectibles website. You can preorder now for shipping in March. Did I mention it’s $360?




Chaos McKenzie

July 21, 2014 at 3:58 pm

It’s actually a really good price for what it is… regular Hot Toys figures retail for almost 300$ each for standard characters. And this is a scale racoon and giant space tree thing!

Yeah, they’re expensive but they’re worth it if you love the character. I’ve got seven 1/6 figures currently (and another shipping any moment now) and they’re all simply gorgeous–the figures, their clothes, their stuff. Every detail is unbelievable. Sometimes the tiny little doodads can give you trouble, but if you’re careful you should be okay…
And if you DO have a problem the people at sideshow are very helpful; I had an issue changing an arm on one of my Tony Starks that ended up needing some gluing, but I still came away from the experience happy with the figure and the company. My other Tony’s chest lights up just a little on its own from time to time, but I figure I’ll just change the battery at some point… What I mean is I’ve had little issues with them here and there, and some figures are better than others (though they all kick the ass of every other figure I’ve seen), but I’ve never felt a moment of buyer’s regret.
(I bet the fur and bark textures alone on these figures are going to be really awesome… And they do have preorders for each figure separately as well as the set.)

And I know “they’re not toys, they’re collectors items” is overused, but it’s REALLY true here. They’re to be enjoyed and displayed very carefully and gently. Ban children from touching them, obviously. (And read the directions! Sometimes they’re all the way at the bottom of the box, but read them carefully before messing about with the figure.)

They can be a good investment too. I bought the Christopher Reeve Superman figure for $250 and it is definitely worth more than that now on Ebay if I ever decided to sell it.

But I’ll never, EVER sell it!

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