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ISIS calls for the death of ‘The 99′ creator

Cover-of-the-first-issue-001-214x300The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, the jihadist group better known by the acronym ISIS, has put out a call for the assassination of Nayef Al-Mutawa, creator of the superhero comic The 99.

The Kuwait Times reports that in a series of tweets, the group accused Al-Mutawa of mocking the 99 names of Allah, and offered a reward for his death. “Who can kill Nayef Al- Mutawa who makes fun of Allah’s names?” was posted by one ISIS account while another said, “Whoever finds him, kill him, and he will be rewarded.”

Growing out of al-Qaeda in Iraq, which has since disavowed the group, ISIS has of course been in the news for its military gains in Syria and Iraq, where it seeks to establish an Islamic emirate. BBC News has a solid primer on the extremist organization.

Al-Mutawa, who said he will take legal action against those behind the account, defended himself on his own Twitter, writing, “My work has glorified Islam from the U.S. to China for the past ten years. I really do not believe in ISIL and Qaeda … I don’t care about them.”

Clergyman Hai Al-Hai cautioned against handing down death sentences on social media, saying that was the job of rulers and courts, and chaos could result if the laws are ignored.

Perhaps something like this was to be expected, as Al-Mutawa’s intention in creating The 99 was to explicitly “take back Islam” from the militants who were using it for political means and to create positive role models for youth. In an open letter to his sons, he explained his intentions:

I would go back to the very sources from which others took violent and hateful messages and offer messages of tolerance and peace in their place. I would give my heroes a Trojan horse in the form of THE 99. Islam was my Helen. I wanted her back.

THE 99 references the 99 attributes of Allah – generosity, mercy, wisdom and dozens of others not used to describe Islam in the media when you were growing up. But if I am successful, by the time you read this, you will not believe that such an era could have ever existed.

Al-Mutawa received the blessing of several scholars of Islamic law before going forward with the comic. Nonetheless, the government of Saudi Arabia earlier this year banned the animated adaptation of the comic, and a Kuwaiti attorney filed a lawsuit calling for “the arrest of everyone connected with the series and for putting them on trial.”



Simon DelMonte

July 11, 2014 at 8:08 am

While it must be scary as anything to be officially targeted by such groups, it’s also a badge of pride, I would think. The bad guys you want to stand up to? They’ve noticed you. You are a thorn in their side.

Bless Al-Mutawa for not backing down, and having never had any plans of backing down. Crazy as it sounds, he probably knew something like this was going to happen.

But…it’s the religion of peace!

I am more disturbed that this clergyman, Hai Al-Hai, is okay with death sentences decreed by courts and rulers but not through social media. He did not condone the fatwa, just the way it was announced.

I don’t think Al-Mutawa’s dream of an Islam which tolerates dissenting opinions and celebrates diversity is ever going to come true.

” But…it’s the religion of peace! ”

The religion of Al-Mutawa certainly is. It’s the religion of assholes like ISIS that’s perverted to justify hatred and murder. Similar to the many, many ways in which Christianity has been perverted over the centuries.

” But…it’s the religion of peace! ”

No religion that purports to be the only truth can ever be a religion of peace as long as there are others that see the world differently. Despite the peaceful desire of the majority, there will always be extremists & murderers using religion to further their own madness. This is not the fault of the religion, but of humans who create such things.

Where can I get this in print? I hope the readership for this grows exponentially with the press interest in it.

Islam in the Middle Ages was FAR more enlightened than Christianity, so maybe you want to adjust your thinking there. Of course, if you want to compare Christianity around 1300 to Islam now (as it’s about 1300 years old), you have a case. Christians (meaning Catholics, as that was the only game in town in Europe) in 1300 slaughtered Templars, Cathars, Greek Orthodox, women, Jews – anyone who even slightly disagreed with them. Just a thought. The bloodlust in Christianity still hasn’t been quelled – is it any wonder it hasn’t been stamped out in Islam either?

haha oh boy better not go down that way my friend. (yes we know about the crusades already…)

the very basis for the islam conquest is WAR on the infidels. that begins with Mohammed being kicked out of Mecca for his one god belief and ends centuries later.

Comparing the bloodlust in religions is just sad.

And the person who made the middle ages comment to start made no reference to Christianity so it is unfair to suggest that his thinking needs to be adjusted.

Yep. One of the most sad and bewildering discussions is one of “my side murdered/tortured/raped less than your side”. Whether we’re comparing religions, politics, countries, or whatever. Even one murdered person is one person too many.

also islam was not far more enlightened than christianity in the middle ages, they were just lucky to be neighbours with the east roman empire who, unlike the west roman empire, didnt burn most of their books and scrolls from the ancient greeks.

so islam scholars mostly copied their “enlightment” from trade exchange with Constantinopel.

It can be noted that monotheism in general was the downfall of the arts, philosophy and science.

It’s a religion that clearly calls for the death of non believers. Christ said to love everyone. Big difference.

@James T: Ha, and you think the Bible doesn’t have passages where believers are clearly told to kill non-believers? Ignorance will be the death of us all…

the old testament is the hewbrew bible, and no Jesus never said kill the non believers….sigh..

The only ignorance here is an obvious anti-Christian ignorance. “Islam in the Middle Ages was FAR more enlightened than Christianity”? LOL. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Actual history says otherwise. Actual historians do as well. Read some Thomas Madden, for example.

Reminds me of Salman Rushdie.

There needs to be more comics published from this publisher. Hopefully they will gain traction as a publishing house.

Yes, medieval Europe had its own advancements, but if you deny that much knowledge was lost, you’re frankly kidding yourself and probably believe that cavemen rode on dinosaurs. Although the occasional lunatic aside usually Christian zealotry wasn’t directly to blame, but the upheaval that came with the fall of the Roman Empire(s) and their infrastructures was.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of years since last some ignorant mob burned flags and demanded heads roll over some lines of ink, hasn’t it? *sigh* Without extensive coverage of secular education that encourages reason and critical thinking, none of that will ever stop–neither there nor anywhere else.

It always amazes me, the hypocrisy of people who follow religions who hold as one of their basic tenets: “Thou shall not kill”.

Apparently putting one’s own decision above one’s god is okay these days. “Well, my god says ‘do not kill’, but I am doing this FOR my god, so it must be okay”. Idiots.

Thank god I’m an atheist.

Today I was sitting in my car eating lunch across from one of the Mosques in Denver. Along with prayers, there was also a funeral going on. As I sat there eating and watching, all these people came out, talking, crying, laughing, being humans facing mortality. And you know what, it could have been a synagogue or a church or an ashram. Crazy, evil people will always be around, and they will always use something, religion, politics, skin color, whatever to justify their hatred and madness. But most people, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist are just that…people.

And the “Religion of Peace” strikes again. And there are those who say Christians are the real problem. I don’t know of many Christian Reverends calling for death threats for people for a comic book!

@Kenozoic One of the many tennats of Islam (according to the radicals) is to kill “unbelievers”. Every religion has it’s zealots, and very rarely that they speak for the whole.

The main difference between Christianity and Islam is that Christianity isn’t stuck in the 7th Century.

Juan Hernández

July 12, 2014 at 11:13 am

@cool arrow

Tell that to the Vatican heads, I heard they are disusing the celibacy of priests and the ordinance of female priests. Or maybe not, that would be bad for the business.

Christianity is socially more advanced than Islam. It’s “only” stuck in the 19th century.

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