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Lighten up, Superman


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The first official image of Superman in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice was released! As a huge fan of the Big Blue Boy Scout, I couldn’t be more thrilled. Not for the movie, which kinda seems like a mess. No, I’m excited because once again the internet is abuzz over what Superman should or shouldn’t be. Should he be the grim protector of the night as portrayed in the poster or in Zack Snyder’s fondest dreams? Or should he be the brightly colored Silver Age symbol of the outdated notions of Truth, Justice, and the American way? Maybe he should be Electric Blue Superman? (Just kidding. No one likes Electric Blue Superman.)

In my case, the first salvos have already been fired about turning this into a meme. The Ben Affleck photo of Batman standing next to his ride already launched a pretty amusing “Sad Batman” meme. What heights can the Man of Steel attain? Graphic designer Lee Binding has already decided to cheer up poor Clark with a smile and some balloons. It’s already a huge improvement!





Not really sure how professional a “graphic designer” this Lee Binding is but that is one truly atrocious “improvement.” And, Larry, if you really think it’s a “huge improvement,” I question your taste in general.

Sorry, but MY take on that “improvement” is that we’re looking at “John Wayne Gacy Is Superman.”

JosephW _Sadly agreeing here. Won’t waste my money.

one of the worst images of Superman ever

yeah… still waiting for the first mature superhero movie.

Glenn Simpson

July 6, 2014 at 1:38 pm

Seems to me that in that moment he’s just concerned about [plot of movie].

Richard Deats

July 6, 2014 at 2:38 pm

I think it’s a good image I also am puzzled by the “sad” Batman thing I guess everyone wants George Clooney back and let’s just put underware back on the Man of Steel and make him this happy lame hero in the words of Keaton’s Batman “things change” and it’s time for people to get over this DC Comics “happy hero” thing if they had kept to that then people wouldn’t have hated Superman Returns let Reeves and West live in the past besides no one had an issue with Keaton’s angry killing Batman

I first started reading Superman comics about the same time I was watching him fly across my parents’ B&W TV tube in the ’50s. and I could not disagree more with this writer and his premise were he to propose a gay Buddhist dancing bear as The Man Of Steel. I have seen too many lame wimpy flawless boy-scout iterations of Kal-El, and another would make me kill-ill. Give me a darker Supes, one not afraid to kick butt and take names when needed. If nothing else, that will keep Bruce Wayne from calling him a wussy.

Life is short, and it is absolutely hilarious to me that people spend their precious time on something they claim to vehemently dislike. Talk about a bunch of losers that need a hobby/life/girl. I don’t go on Hunger Games boards and post how stupid those movies are. I guess I’m too busy doing things I ACTUALLY ENJOY. Anyone that puts this much effort into something they’re clearly not a fan of is a loser that needs to take a step back and look in the mirror. If you hated Man of Steel so much, shut the f**k up and go watch some 5h1t like Smallville. Nobody really cares what some faceless stranger on the internet thinks, I know I sure as hell don’t. As someone that has actually read comics, I loved it far more than most of what I’ve seen from Marvel, and I’m predominantly a Marvel reader.
Pretty sure a lot of the haters couldn’t direct a GEICO commercial if they had a cavemen and a bad joke.
“It’s easy to attack and destroy an act of creation. It’s a lot more difficult to perform one”
Oh, and the ‘sad Batman’ meme has to be one of the most idiotic. I don’t remember him ever being happy. But then again, I take it most of the people that make this 5h1t are more concerned with adding to the needless internet bull5h1t pile than saying anything remotely worth listing to.

Thank you Wade! You could not have put it any better! Everyone needs to know and understand that this is the future of dc. The old days of “I’m in love with Lois” and that’s so dominate in the story line is over. We want dark and it looks like we are gonna get it!

I will be reading Mark Waid’s Birthright series for an enjoyable look at Clark’s journey to become Superman rather than watch the movie ! It will not only save me time and money, based on Man of Steel I reckon it will be much more fun too !!

Joseph, Chris…go look up sarcasm in the dictionary.

Yea, people that are talking crap about this Superman and Batman will be the first to watch the movie when it comes out. This movie will be a hit and I can’t wait to see it. I believe the photo of Superman is probably the first confrontation with batman, which explains the look on his face. It looks like he’s trying to figure something out, which is probably Batman.

“…outdated notions of Truth, Justice and The American Way?” What is this author thinking? Those points ARE Superman! If you abandon those tenants, then Superman as a whole, is also gone. We do not want dark, not noir, nor different. We want Superman, defender of Truth, Justice and The American Way! These characters do not change this much, and if they do for a period, it is because of the DC folks having an agenda. Viewers DO NOT want this type of change. Superman was/is popular for a reason, don’t try and change him into something else…or we will ask for Captain Marvel. We want a reason to embrace the right, the good, the proper, the hard, the difficult, the American.

It’s amazing how people who are clearly not fans of Superman or are “predominantly marvel fans” want a “dark” Superman because they can’t accept the “days of old” Superman. They have to convince themselves of how “great” their “vision” of Superman is, specially when they either bash true fans, use insults or need to “shut up” when real Superman fans express themselves and disagree on how DC have clearly messed up the character. It’s pretty evident that if you can’t accept the characters roots and its history for the past 70+ years it’s a clear indication you are not a fan of the character. If you want a dark hero, follow Batman or, stick to Marvel. If you can’t accept or comprehend Truth, Justice and the American Way, then Superman is not for you.

I liked Electric Blue Superman (as a temporary storyline).

Isn’t this just supposed to be him arriving in Gotham City? That’s why it’s so gloomy.
I’m surprised no one has been excitedly dissecting the style and 1940s surreal architecture that’s been comped together in this poster in terms of getting a first glimpse at Snyder’s vision of Gotham.

Because everyone else is dark, Superman needs to stay Superman. Not Super-Batman or Super-Wolverine. It’s such a sad, sad statement on our society when we want to do away with a good, decent, moral character in favor of one that is not. Don’t we have enough of those sour suckers. Let’s keep at least one shining example of what we can and all should be. BTW…everyone likes to refer to the Man of Steel as a “big blue boy-scout” and in a derogatory manner. First of all that’s denigrating to the Boy Scouts, a good, decent organization that simply tries to teach young men how to be good, loyal, hard working men. (I’m aware of certain controversies surrounding some scouting situations, those are the exception, not the rule!) And secondly, a nigh invulnerable character who possesses massive strength that can crush you without too much effort, super speed that can run you over before you see him coming, heat vision that could take your head off without much more than a glance…wouldn’t that be the kind of guy who you’d WANT to be a boy scout? That’s the real strength of the character….his morality does not let him cross that line. He’s such a good guy and he has to deal with the temptation to use his powers to the extreme everyday! It’s a good thing he’s such a good guy or woe is the world! (in the comics anyway).

OH! I almost forgot…don’t you think that picture of Superman actually is depicting him on the rooftop of a building in Gotham. That sure doesn’t look like Metropolis to me, what with the older looking architecture and the factory smoke stacks, gray sky and rain. Maybe?

You know, I found Man of Steel to be a decent action movie, but the problem I have with it is that Snyder only captured two of the three main pieces of the character. He got Kal-El, last of a doomed people. He got Superman, kinda. But Clark got thrown to the wayside. And it is this that caused so much rage.

At the core of his identity, Clark is a corn-fed country boy who is happy to get up in the morning and do his part. He is one of the few DC characters that I like, because he doesn’t have murdered parents or a destiny given to him by the gods. He’s just a guy with the power to make a difference and the will to use it for a better future. He could live quite happily as a reporter, but feels that using his power for good is his responsibility to the world that took him in.

There are many, many comic book characters who are emo. Clark is not one of them. If you want that, choose a different character, rather than trying to change the foundation of what makes Superman so great.

What is that foundation? Clark is an optimist. He believes in a better tomorrow, and that hard work and kindness MEAN something. He’s not grim and gritty. In the DC trinity of Batman(Justice) Wonder Woman(Truth) and Superman, he is HOPE! This Snyder creation is treading dangerously close to “bearded idiot” levels of character destruction.

Nice to see, once again, that DC has pared its fanbase down to a dedicated core of people every bit as classy as their comics.

The Mad One, you nailed it.

I LIKED the idea of Clark Kent as Superman’s anti-alias, especially in a 24/7 news cycle/paparazzi driven world like ours. Secret identities wouldn’t exist, but it’s an interesting notion that a city would ALLOW Superman a common name and life in gratitude for his help. Can’t you just see a scene in which cameras rush Clark and Jimm — er, Jenny Olsen in the street, with paps yelling, “Superman! Superman!” Then Jenny puts up a defensive hand and replies, “What? That’s not Superman! This is Clark Kent! Get outta here!” It would be a hilarious and practical nod to why Kent’s reporter friends overlooked the obvious throughout Superman’s mythos.

Yet, that core of Clark was missing, as The Mad One described, and it’s really the different between Superman and Batman. The orphan of a dead world, Clark still had parents in the Kents, and Bruce didn’t. That so many film incarnation of the Superman insist on killing Jonathan, that’s the first mistake. That, in this version, Superman’s introduction to the world involved a murder, that’s the second. How can he be the icon the League looks up to? Wouldn’t he be its FIRST THREAT?!

Truth, Justice, and the American Way? You’re forgetting faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. With powers limited to these weakened parameters, half the villains in Metropolis could kick his scrawny ass. Do you truly want to step backwards to such a waterdowned Supes?

In one way however, Superman does represent the present-day American Way . . . he is, after all, an illegal alien.

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