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Moebius’ 18 tips for comics artists


Jean Giraud (aka Moebius) may have passed away more than two years ago, but his works, and advice, lives on. Thanks to a translation by artist Xurxo g Penalta, English speakers now have the opportunity to read Moebius’ 18 tips for fellow cartoonists, from a 1996 interview with the Mexican magazine La Jornada Semanal.

Penalto’s studio mate Brandon Graham has posted the European master’s “brief manual” for cartoonists on his blog. This last tip  is oddly prescient for 2014 despite being offered nearly two decades ago: “Now it is possible to find [a] reader in any part of the planet. We must have this present. To begin with, drawing is a way of personal communication, but this does not imply that the artist must envelop himself in a bubble; it’s communication with the beings near us, with oneself, but also with unknown people. Drawing is a medium to communicate with the great family we have not met, the public, the world.”



thanks for sharing this robot6!!

also, I just found out about this (gets even more awesome):

artist William Stout has gone through the Moebius list of tips and made expansive, referenced and reflexive posts on each of the tips from the translation I did and that Brandon Graham posted earlier on.
As a huge fan of William Stout I couldn’t be happier that he’s doing this.

I read Mobeious’ tips a while back and I love them. They make so much sense and are eye opening.

xurxo and William Stout:

Highly appreciated!

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