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Punisher & Red Hood get bloody in ‘Super Power Beat Down’


If you’re unfamiliar with Machinima’s “Super Power Beat Down” short films, they’re essentially those “Who would win in a fight?” fan conversations brought to life — Wolverine vs.  Predator, Captain America vs. Master Chief, and so on — with the winner determined beforehand by vote. The latest installment is billed as “the bloodiest battle yet (and make no mistake, it is bloody, so consider yourself warned.)

Created by Bat in the Sun Productions, “Red Hood vs. Punisher” opens with Frank Castle in search of Jason Todd (who’s wanted for murder, aggravated assault, B&E and … disturbing the peace). Twenty seconds into the short, Frank finds his target — or rather his target finds him — beginning a pretty brutal, and well-choreographed, fight that continues for nearly three minutes.

I won’t say who wins, but you likely already have a good idea.



I gotta call BS on Frank Castle being stronger than the Red Hood.

gotta call major bullshit on this one, if you’re going pre new 52 Jason was trained by not only BATMAN but assassins who specialised in hand to hand, marksmanship, explosives etc, by the end he ended up being an even match for batman with all of his gadgets. If you’re going with the new 52 then Jason has been traind by the all caste and should have used the all blade and fucking destroyed the punisher.

Gotta call bullshit on the dudes calling bullshit.

It’s Frank Castle. He’s like the living embodiment of the sword/gunfight scene from Raiders.

Frank. Mutha-effing. Castle.

Well, Frank did beat Wolverine once, and I don’t see how he wouldn’t be able to beat Jason :/

Anyone who has been in a fight knows that a lot of it is luck. Yes there is skill involved but people are only humans, and humans make mistakes. I didn’t see Castle winning this one at all. Guess he got lucky.

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