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Quote of the Day | Axel Alonso on #FireRickRemender

From Captain America #22“On the Internet, sometimes what appears to be an explosion is really just a fart. The accusations are totally without merit. A handful of people who have it in for Rick started a witch hunt against him, claiming he had written a scene in Captain America #22 that portrayed the Falcon engaging in what amounted to statutory rape. They used social media to spread the word, and we got some angry emails — about 90 percent which came from people who stated right out the gate that hadn’t even read the issue, but were incensed by what they’d heard Rick had written.

Let me be clear: An attack on Rick’s integrity is an attack on Marvel’s integrity. We would never publish a scene that had one of our super heroes engage in such an act. Jet Black is a 23-year-old woman. She was a pre-teen at the start of Rick’s run, but since that time, the book has jumped forward 13 years in the future, and Jet — along with Steve and Ian — has aged 13 years. In Captain America #22, it is explicitly stated that Jet is 23, and she is rendered [by artist Carlos Pacheco] as a fully adult woman. Jet Black is a 23-year-old woman. End of story.”

– Marvel Editor-in-Chief Axel Alonso, talking with Comic Book Resources about the social-media firestorm that followed the release of Captain America #22



I just read this and on Wednesday I am going to drop all my Marvel books. I know no one cares but this is the type of reaction that pulls me away from Comic Books.

@Bizzle: Huh? What, specifically, is it about Alonso’s response that makes you want to quit reading Marvel?

I mean, I’ve dropped most Marvel (and, for that matter, most DC) books for various reasons, from the companies’ treatment of creators to the simple fact that they’re mostly not selling the kind of books I want to buy. If you don’t want to read Marvel comics anymore, I can’t say I blame you. It’s just that your two-sentence post gives me no idea whatsoever why you’re making that decision.

President of Common Sense

July 11, 2014 at 4:18 pm

To be fair most of the #firerickremender tweets I read we’re making fun of it. Honestly, bravo to Axel for pointing out the ridiculousness of the whole time. It’s time for push back against “Twitter outrage” the people behind it are fools. The whole notion of “this person has offended me so they should lose their job” is the height of selfishness and is perpetuated by a bunch of narcissistic crybabies. If you don’t like a creator, don’t read their books, it’s that simple. But don’t call for their firing because guess what? I might like said creator and I might want to read their books. What right do you have to say I can’t?

A big hand to Axel and all the creators who exposed this so-called “movement” for the joke it is. I hope the same thing happens to the call for a creators firing. And for the people who start these things, your selfish clowns.

I am completely confused.
Man reads comic.
Man either does not understand comic, or willfully chooses not to understand comic
Man criticizes writer of comic, due to lack of understanding
Sheep do likewise.

There is a whole lot of stupid that does not recognize itself as stupid, here.

Alonso is dead on.

Who still reads this crap? Marvel comics long ago turned into poorly written soap operas with costumes and explosions.

Why does Alonso have to be rude in his response? Is it not enough to say “We disagree with the stance although we respect it.” An attack on Remender is an attack on Marvel? Well here’s an attack on Marvel: everyone there is a bunch of classless man-children who have their heads so far up their own backsides they don’t know what common courtesy is anymore. Or better yet, the ability to just shut up and not demean your audience even if you disagree with them. If Remender’s job was so obviously not in jeopardy, why does Axel have to take is so personally and not just let it slide off him?


What’s there to respect about a stance that’s built on incorrect information and a faulty understanding of the story in question or just plain old dishonesty?

Heh. Brian wants people to disagree without demeaning, while he disagrees while demeaning. I wonder if that’s the classlessness he’s referring to.

Cmon, guys – knock it off. Discuss the story.

I appreciate everyone coming on here to tell us they don’t read marvel comics. Good job.

Jason M. Bryant

July 12, 2014 at 5:07 am

Alonso wasn’t demeaning his audience. He was demeaning a small group of liars an people who blindly believed the lies and acted rashly.

It’s appropriate not to respect that kind of behavior.

If you haven’t read it or researched it, don’t comment on it. Period.

Give me a break. Alonso was pretty restrained in his response here considering this was a story completely driven by classless idiots that took their irrational love of cartoon characters to new heights of creepy stupidity. These people, upset that they don’t like Remember’s writing, decided to plaster libelous rumors all over twitter and submitted them to the effing media in order to force Marvel’s hand. In turn, they damage and disparage Marvel as a company by accusing them of publishing things they never published. And people expect respect? Alonso gave them too much respect. There is a two word sentence that sums up this whole situation for these mini-terrorist liars and that starts with an “f” and ends with a “you”. They need to get lives, get over their petty obsessions and join the real world where I imagine they’d be horrified to find people outside their place of work petitioning for their dismissal based on totally trumped up and false charges.

The whole thing is obviously really stupid. This is one of the problems inherent in our social media culture rather than comic fandom culture. How often have people on Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook commented on something when they probably just read the title of the article? I bet you it is a lot….

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