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Quote of the Day | ‘We identified this need’

gotham academy1“Certainly when you relaunch a whole universe, something like the New 52, you’re gonna essentially create a bible that kind of guides and dictates the evolution and growth of the universe. We’re in year three of that, and certainly every story that’s created is done through the collaboration of an editor with the writer and the artist and the rest of the creative team. So I certainly think  Mark Doyle coming on and becoming the Batman Group editor was a big part of that. I think it’s also a recognition that our audience has evolved and we wanna make sure that we tell the stories that the audiences are craving. So we identified this need. We’re coming out with these different kinds of storylines, and, frankly, it’s exciting because we have a lot of Batman books, and I think it’s a disservice to the fans and to the character to have everything feel of the same tonality. I’m a big fan of Becky Cloonan, so I’m really looking forward to her work on Gotham Academy. I think it’s healthy for the business, and it’s an exciting time to be a Batman fan.”

— DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee, talking with Entertainment Weekly about the decision to take “the Batman world” in a different direction with the newly announced Arkham Manor and Gotham Academy. (He also mentions Batgirl among the developments he’s looking forward to in the back half of Batman’s 75th anniversary celebration.)



Basically he’s unapologetic for cannibalizing the Batman franchise just so his dear friend Becky Cloonan has a job for DC. Cloonan is great talent and I’m sure Gotham Academy will be wonderful…until it ends. As much as this is shameless attempt to appease female readership, it’s really quite insulting on a so many levels.

Wait they had a “bible” for the New52? Because it sure looked like a bunch of headless chickens running around…

And to cray; would you call all the books appeasing to the Male readership as “shameless”? Also, I believe you meant ‘diluting the Batman franchise’, didn’t you? Well IIRC in October 2014, Batman and related books would amount to less than the number of issues in the same franchise from October 2004. or about the same number. That ship sailed long ago.

Can you explain exactly WHY it’s “insulting” for DC to try and appease the female readership?
I’m confused.

Are you saying it’ NOT insulting the ways they try to appease their male readership?
Or is it just bad when a company tries to appease their customers in general? I would think that’s what any company SHOULD do.
But then that’s just me. I admit I don’t have an economics degree. So could you please explain to me how a company trying to make products that appeal to more customers is a BAD thing.

I’m interested in GOTHAM ACADEMY, particularly as someone who has only been interested in three or four Bat books of the past decade.

>>we have a lot of Batman books, and I think it’s a disservice to the fans and to the character to have everything feel of the same tonality<<

Yes, Mr. Lee, but here's the thing… your company has been publishing multiple, multiple Bat books every month for years, and you're noticing this just now? Perhaps you've missed the real disservice to the fans and the characters….

Jake Earlewine

July 23, 2014 at 4:33 pm

The new 52 ruined DC forever. It doesn’t matter what they do to it now.


“Can you explain exactly WHY it’s “insulting” for DC to try and appease the female readership?
I’m confused.”

I can’t believe I need to explain myself, but I guess it flies over some people’s head. Batman is a vigilante, There’s nothing cute or “Scooby-Doo” about him, but Becky Cloonan is going show us anyway. She’s going show the cute spooky misadventures of girls living in Gotham. It’s going be a fun romp with girly charm…and Batman is going be seen as mysterious man of chivalry and Bruce Wayne is “weirdo”. Girls are going both spooked and fawning over him.

That’s not Batman, that’s a re-iteration of Batman just so the creator’s pitch can work in confines of what editors “identified” as a need. It’s hogwash and nothing more than shoehorning Scooby-Doo into Batman and calling it material that will appeal to female readership. Do they not realize how sexist or belittling that is? There’s quite a few female readers who actually like some of Batman’s darkest stories like Dark Knight.

This book along with Arkham Manor is just another re-iterated Batman title. There’s actually an editor for Batman “group” books. That there tells you the big picture. It’s pure marketing and they are blatantly unapologetic about too. You know there was time when there was ONE Batman book, and ONE Superman book with their own vision. Neither were cute or altered to appease readership outside their niche.


I’m not exactly an expert, Cray, but I don’t think there’s been “ONE Batman book, and ONE Superman book” since 1940/1941. I get your particular tastes, but I don’t think there is going to be a dangerous shortage of “dark vigilante”-style Batman titles in the near future. Now people with all kinds of different tastes can have something to enjoy. Batman’s such a great character because he works in all kinds of stories and through all kinds of artistic lenses, much like other classic heroes like Odysseus, Sherlock Holmes, and Orpheus.

Dear Jim,

It’s an exciting time to be a Batman fan. But isn’t an exciting time to be a DC Comics fan when you, Dan, Bob, and Geoff are in charge of the comics division.

Cray, different versions of the Dark Knight and Gotham have coexisted relatively peacefully for decades, with the detective/vigilante of Batman and Detective Comics standing in stark contrast to the superhero of Justice League/Justice League International, World’s Finest, The Brave and the Bold and Batman and The Outsiders. What makes his presumed depiction in a comic that doesn’t debut for another three months so egregious? How does that alter your (or anyone else’s) enjoyment of Batman, Detective or whichever version of the Caped Crusader you prefer?

Also, what your refer to as “appeasement” is what others might call “attempting to expand readership.” I don’t know whether Gotham Academy will succeed, but DC would be pretty silly to identify a potential market for a comic like that, only to ignore it and instead crank out another iteration of a Bat-book readers have seen plenty of times before.

Curious how old Cray is, and if he’s ever heard of Adam West, or th the 70s Batman cartoons?

Cray, I agree that dark vigilante stories are the most iconic Batman stories. If every Batman book was going to be cancelled and I could only save one I’d save the one that told dark vigilante stories.

But I don’t understand why different stories can’t exist in the same universe. I mean “The Hurt Locker,” “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” and “Deliverance” all exist in a universe that is essentially the same as real life, except that the main characters exist. But they are very different stories.

Heck, the stories that happen in real life are often in radically different genres. I’ve experienced hilarious series of comedic events, and I’ve experienced horrible tragic events. If I can do that why can’t Batman?

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