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Red Hood joins ‘Batman: Arkham Knight’ as GameStop exclusive

arkham knight-red hood

After a little social-media teasing, GameStop has announced the Red Hood Story Pack DLC will be available exclusively to customers who preorder Batman: Arkham Knight from the retailer.

Developed by Rocksteady for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment, Batman: Arkham Knight is billed as the explosive finale to the hit action-adventure video game series that launched in 2009 with Batman: Arkham Asylum. (For a complete rundown, read CBR’s coverage of the closed-door demo at E3 2014.)

Nothing is known about the Red Hood Story Pack, other than it introduces Jason Todd as a playable character, and features exclusive single-player missions. Those who preorder through GameStop will also get the Harley Quinn Story Pack, with four exclusive challenge maps, and a Batman 75th anniversary poster.

Originally set for release in October, Arkham Knight‘s debut has been pushed back to 2015.



i really wish this was available for the ps3. :(

Sam Robards, Comic Fan

July 24, 2014 at 10:38 am

Just want to say that that’s a HORRIBLE costume design on Jason Todd.

I agree M!ke only I wish it was for XBOX 360. I was especially, albeit possibly hopeful after hearing about a delay to 2015 but I knew it was too good to be true. And of course with what appears to sadly and unfortunately, not to mention, infuriatingly, video game companies behaving very greedily I guess it’s clouding what should seem an obvious and fair decision. Since a lot of games coming out in 2015 are all still being released for both consoles on both sides and I would think and do believe when the last upgraded console was released it was a while before they officially and completely transitioned to the permanent new consoles out of convenience for their customers. Oh well. I don’t play video games that often so I’m not upgrading for one game, but these games I love and play a lot and then when completed often enough that I still want them to play. And I would like to play out the final chapter for a series I have the first three chapters out of four for on my original console and not have to upgrade for an expensive new one. It’s kind of ridiculous and really unbelievable. Oh well. I guess I’m not playing any other video games except the consoles and games I already have.

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