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Robin grabs ‘Bat Camera Phone’ in ‘Batman ’66’ selfie variant


DC Comics’ Selfie Variant Month posed a particular problem for Batman ’66, the digital-first series set in the world of the 1966-1968 television show, decades before the introduction of smartphones, or even digital cameras. Cover artist Joe Quinones could’ve gone with an instant camera, of course — what screams “1960s” more than a Polaroid Model 20 Swinger? — but instead he came up with a solution that’s both funnier and in keeping with the tone of the TV series.

“I was asked to do one for issue 14 of Batman ’66 and was excited to tackle the idea,” Quinones writes on his blog. “So rather than make Robin (because of course it would be Robin) take the pic using a cellphone (it was the sixties!), I decided to give him the iconic red flashing ‘Bat Phone,’ repurposed into a ‘Bat Camera Phone.'”

Batman ’66 #14, by Jeff Parker and Paul Rivoche, with covers by Quinones and Mike Allred, goes on sale Aug. 27.




Interesting, but not quite working. Why not just show Robin holding a camera while they stand in front of a mirror (it could be the Joker fun house or something)? I like the look of the illustration but it doesn’t make sense.

Its a fun pic. but the phone comes off as a little too lame. It would have been great with the polaroid. maybe them taking one with the joker or the riddler as there hauled off into a police car. but this is sorta forced.

When I heard Batphone, I thought it would be Batman beating out everyone on technology and having a cellphone before everyone else. I mean, he already had an awesome atomic car, a computer, and a hard-water separator that could reconstitute the bodies of United World officials who had been turned into colorful powder. The Bat-Cell would not be much of a stretch.

yes Ramone. why not make it as grounded and realistic as possible. realism and boring design choices are clearly what Batman ’66 is all about.

Ha! I get the joke. A Bat-camera phone with the original Bat-phone!

But, this is a little too “Deadpool”. Gen. Colin Powell notwithstanding, selfies are a modern thing. Yes, it’s quaint, but it’s out of character. It wouldn’t be the red-phone, it would be the Bat-communicator – the walky-talky they used. Robin wouldn’t take a picture sliding down the Bat-poles either. He’d take a selfie on a Bat-climb with a celebrity, like say, I don’t know Annette Funicello, maybe? I know she’s from Disney, but she mad those ’60’s Beach movies. Or maybe Dawn Wells from Gilligan’s Island. Answering that age old debate: Ginger or Mary Ann.

I hate to be critical of a great cover, but it’s wrong and doesn’t make any sense. Who would see a picture like this? This picture would never be made public, so why make it the cover of a comic book? If we’re talking Batman ’66 and selfies as a thing, a Bat-climb – or one of the rogues taking a selfie at a death-trap makes better sense. That’s a picture that people would actually see. Aren’t selfies about showing off?

@AirDave: Selfies are more about the convenience of being able to hold out your arm instead of having to ask someone to take a picture for you. I mean, I do it all the time to do group pictures because a.) you want even the photographer to be in the picture and b.) you sorta don’t trust a stranger to get the focus, lighting, and composition right. (I actually use a monopod to do selfies, which lengthens the distance by a good two feet.)

That said, your bat-climb selfie idea? BRILLIANT.

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