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SDCC | Check out the mind-altering map of DC’s Multiverse


Ahead of this afternoon’s DC Comics panel for The Multiversity at Comic-Con International, has debuted the mind-blowing — or is that mind-altering? — map of the DC Universe conceived by Grant Morrison.

Although the resolution isn’t high enough to make out all of the details, you can easily spot locations like the Source Wall, the Speed Force Wall, Dream, Apokolips, New Genesis, Skyland, the House of Heroes and the Rock of Eternity. The type in the Star Trek-like “Shift Ship Classification” on the right is a little too small for old tired eyes.

The map will undoubtedly be spotlighted, if not necessarily explained, at the 3 p.m. panel, which features Morrison and collaborator Cameron Stewart. Perhaps they’ll even turn on the blacklights. (Also be sure to visit EW to see Morrison’s original sketch for the map.)

multiversity map



Well, that finally clears everything up…

Ugh….. Too messy

@JohnnyFive – You expect the multiverse to be an structure of order? XD Specially when DC editorial does things when and how they please? At least Morrison is trying to make sense out of the craziness that is DC editorial. XD

Maybe Morrison should become a DC comics editor!! Give him full control of a line of comics and bring in new writters like Sean Murphy, Gerard Way, and a few others that love the medium and they’d boost DC sales like hell!!

Wow…what a beautiful design!

Those question marks will be filled with his upcoming series ? Earth 1 & 2 we know well, Earth 3 was the recent evil Justice League (reversed), Earth 0 will probably be our reality, while Earth 29 is Bizzaro World and Earth 30 Soviet Russia Red Son obviously, so can anyone guess others ?

so, um in five years we can have Crisis of the multiverse or something? rolling my eyes.

And here we thought -because that’s what DC said- that the New52 reboot was supposed to streamline and simplify continuity.
What a load of horsecrap that was!

DC hasn’t been streamlined since Crisis on Infinite Earths. Ironically, in fact, every time there’s a Crisis or reality-altering event in the DC Universe, it gets messier.

That being said, I’m looking forward to The Multiversity. Grant Morrison is tops.


July 26, 2014 at 1:44 am

Hey look, an extremely confusing graph that’ll be altered and thrown out the window once the next DC comic comes out. As a mostly new DC reader (usually read one-shots and GNs before new52), this has become entirely too confusing while also spread extremely thin in a small amount of time. I couldnt keep up with all the titles and their eventual alterations.

This “map” looks like something used in Bingo.

Beware Of Geek

July 26, 2014 at 2:50 am

You do all realize that this is for a project that predates (and possibly transcends) the reboot, right?

It seems to me that DC is in need of a proper graphic designer. That map is horrible to look at and doesn’t simplify anything….

From my understanding of this graph, Gods such as Darkseid and Orion exist outside of the sphere of different earths (Earths 01-52). Does that mean that the Earth 2 version of Steppenwolf is the exact same being as the one that exists in the Prime Earth?

It’s probably not important but my inner nerd has to know.

Wait, we know what Earth-1 is?

What a bunch of miserable and unhappy nerds. You see something that was well thought out, follows all of DC history, and shows the wonder of the multiverse and all you can do is piss and moan. The map is pretty cool, showing yes there is a multiverse but there is more awesome stuff beyond it. Also he said there will be a guidebook so have fun for once.Or is that too much to ask for comics fans?

Is there a higher resolution image of that Multiversity Map? Please post it if you have it.

I’m glad I’m not so jaded and cynical…I eat this stuff up like ice cream. Awesome map!

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