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SDCC | If you plan to line up early for Comic-Con, read this

Camp Twilight in 2009

Camp Twilight in 2009

It’s been about five years since Comic-Con International attendees and organizers were caught off-guard by “Camp Twilight,” the tent-and-sleeping-bag city that began taking root outside the San Diego Convention Center days before the Hall H presentation. Although the final installment of the Summit Entertainment franchise was released in 2012, there’s always a possibility that another film or television series will foster such devotion (for instance, Ian McKellen paid a visit in 2012 to people who camped out overnight for the Hobbit panel).

To that end, Comic-Con has released tips for those who plan to line up in advance at (not that organizers recommend that you do). OK, they’re not so much “tips” as they are “rules” — the big one being that you’re not permitted to actually camp out, with tents, canopies, chaise lounges or, um, open flames. Sleeping bags and blankets are allowed, as long as they’re only taking up the space of one person.

The full breakdown (including restroom hours) is available on the Comic-Con blog. Comic-Con International is held July 24-27.


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I guess I just don’t understand what the attraction is, what is so compelling that one would gleefully give up days just to see it? Especially when it’s a consummable product that will be widely available in due course?

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