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SDCC | Kotobukiya unveils Batwoman Bishoujo statue


After teasing concept art and closeup detail, Kotobukiya has at last debuted its DC Comics Batwoman Bishoujo statue, with and without Kate Kane’s mask and wig.

Unfortunately, the images aren’t accompanied by a release date or a price, but it presumably will be somewhere around $60, the same as the other statues in the DC Comics Bishoujo line.










Not liking the pointless addition of high heeled boots, given Rucka made a point to remove them, but that’s a pretty sweet version of Kate from Elegy onward.

The high heel boots aren’t pointless, they’re a perfect manifestation of strong, independent femininity.

What, you’d have her mannish clompers? She’s not Batman. She shouldn’t have to dress like him.

Good thing the cape was out of the way so we can see her ass.

And I’ve seen plenty of women pull off non-high heel boots and still retain their “independent femininity”…whatever that means.

And let the whining begin.

What the fuck is she supposed to be doing in that pose? “Shall I fight crime? Oh, no! It’s raining! Time to break out the Friends box set! Tee hee!”

well it’s a bishoujo statue… it’s supposed to be all cutsie and ridiculously posed.

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