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The best thing about ‘Hook’ was Neal Adams’ unused posters


In 1991 Steven Spielberg directed a sequel of sorts to Peter Pan and Wendy called Hook, starring Robin Williams, Dustin Hoffman and Julia Roberts. Don’t be upset if you haven’t seen it; it wasn’t that great. But a recent discovery has uncovered a hidden comics connection that makes the film a little more interesting.

Thanks to Billy Ingram, we can now see two paintings Neal Adams created for Hook that were shelved and then thrown away by the production company that commissioned them. Ingram, who worked for the company, saved the two 11-inch by 17-inch paintings in 1989 but forgot about them until earlier this year.

“When they moved from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills I rescued a few things from the trash, mostly random color xeroxes and a few large comps, and this was among them,” he writes on his blog. “I forgot I had these 2 paintings until I opened an envelope and discovered them 25 years later. It’s a miracle it didn’t end up lost to the ages, I remember Adam’s doing a bunch of spectacular paintings for Star Trek VI hopefully they exist somewhere, I wish I had kept a set of color repros.”

Here’s the two paintings in question:





Nice, but the best thing about Hook was definitely the SNES game.

I rented the Sega CD version once.

Bad mouth it all you want, but I still love that movie…. (posters are nice too)

I don’t get the hate for Hook. I love it too. Cool posters, though.

I kind of liked the movie…not so much on how Hook perished.
Wow…those posters are awesome though.

I liked Hook. It was one of my favourites as a kid.

“Don’t be upset if you haven’t seen it; it wasn’t that great.”

What the hell, man?! Were you 20 years old when you saw it? That movie was GOOD! Well, I adored it, anyway. :P

It was Okay, just not great. It’s no 1941. It’s not as good. :)

The best thing about Hook was Dustin Hoffman. I mean Holy Crap! Cool poster though.

I think this deserves a hearty, “Bangarang!”

Woah woah woah, “not that great”!? The movie is awesome and still holds up as a fun pan film. Loved it as a kid still watch it whenever it’s on tv and know a bunch of kids that love it. You are crazy.
And yes great posters!

You gotta admit they casted a great Adult Peter Pan.

@Alex I have to disagree on 1941. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was a decent screwball comedy with a LOT of good actors. John Belushi and Slim Pickens in the same movie and a John Williams score to boot.

Oh, Hook was a pretty good film. It has aged well.

It had a wonderful cast, but it wasn’t a wonderful movie. Dustin Hoffman and Bob Hoskins were a lot of fun, but overall the story was just flat.

Great moment when the kids touch William’s face.;-)

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