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Ultimate Spider-Man arrested in scuffle with NYPD

ny post coverWith a front page that rivals anything J. Jonah Jameson has published, the New York Post trumpeted the news Sunday that Spider-Man struck a police officer in the face during an altercation in Times Square. Or, if you prefer “Times Square rampage.”

Interestingly, after countless crimes (allegedly, in some cases) committed in the past couple of years by guys dressed as the Peter Parker-variety Spider-Man — groping a woman, punching a tourist, robbing convenience stores, fighting two Captains America, etc. — this may be the first that involves someone dressed as Miles Morales/Ultimate Spider-Man.

Perhaps more interesting — and certainly more amusing — is that the New York Police Department referred the suspect, 25-year-old Junior Bishop of Brooklyn, as “Spider-Man” throughout its press release. Also: The incident was caught on video, which you can watch below. (Note: It contains profanity.)

According to The Associated Press, a police officer confronted the webslinger Saturday afternoon after overhearing him demand at least $5 from a woman a posed for a photo with, instead of the $1 tip she’d offered. When the officer told Bishop that he couldn’t require payment, the wall-crawler responded by cursing and telling the cop to mind his business.

When Bishop couldn’t produce an ID upon request, the officer moved to arrest him. That’s when things got spider-crazy, with Bishop allegedly punching the unidentified cop in the face as they wrestled to the pavement. Another officer help subdue Spider-Man as other patrolmen arrived.

Here’s my favorite sentence about the confrontation, courtesy of the Post:

A crowd of fellow mascots, including Elmo, Batman and a side-by-side Mickey and Minnie Mouse, also stood watch, their fuzzy mitts held to their giant heads in apparent disbelief.

The injured offer was treated for a cut and swollen eye. Spider-Man was charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest and criminal mischief.

This is only the latest incident involving costumed characters in Times Square, where Tim Tompkins, president of the Times Square Alliance, has called for regulation. New York City Council is considering a bill that would require licenses and background checks for costumed performers. However, The AP notes its final approval has been delayed because copyright issues surrounding the costumes.



Simon DelMonte

July 28, 2014 at 4:11 pm

They left out the hyphen.

But I kind of love it. And can’t help think about how Miles, seeing “Spider-Man Murderer” on the front page of the Bugle, wonders how that of all things is front page news.

That all you got to say, JJJ? Shouldn’t you be at least a little happier to be proven right a 5th time?

Obviously Doc. Ock has taken over Miles brain.

Ultimate Superior Spider-Man!

I am surprised that when the article was mentioning that New York state was debating putting regulations on costume characters that there wasn’t a Civil War joke.

“However, The AP notes its final approval has been delayed because copyright issues surrounding the costumes.”
Why make a law then? Any costumed performer can be immediately arrested for copyright infringement thereby squashing the enjoyment of said performers and the children and adults who enjoy watching and interacting with them.
See how one bad apple spoils the bunch?

Wolloping Websnappers! That policewoman who walks in at 1:43 is hot!

If that bill is passed, this guy will be remembered as the Speedball of cosplayers.

“Why, oh why did it have to be a brother? :(;)

I dig how joyfully Robot 6 reports on these stories, you guys always seem like you have the most fun when you’re reporting costumed-schlub-run-amok stories.

Also, Mark S., I can tell you from experience that except for the occasional tourist nobody likes those dudes. They’re like walking traffic jams that ask for a tip for making you late to work.

Just gotta say why so many cops? I mean come on he’s not the real freaking Spider-Man! He can’t web-sling away. He did deserve to be arrested for striking an officer but I saw about 10 police officers for 1 man.

If he was demanding payment for photos, I hope Marvel slaps him with a lawsuit as well.

…and all that with only 26 shots fired and 4 bystanders injured. NYPD is making progress! ;)

Jazz, it’s possible the cops were trying to form a barrier around him so as not to have kids traumatized by seeing Spider-Man swearing and resisting arrest.

As someone who lives in NYC and regularly walks through Times Square, these “costumed characters” ARE menaces. First, I don’t understand why idiot tourists would even THINK about letting their children pose with these people – it’s not like their employees or have undergone background and criminal records checks. The Spider-Man above was busted on a weapons charge – for carrying a KNIFE – while in another costume earlier this year. Second, these people have gotten more and more aggressive. There is no way to control and monitor these people – witness “Anti-Semitic Elmo.”

It’s amazing that Mayor Bill DeBlasio is more concerned about banning horse-drawn carriages than he is about getting rid of these annoyances. J. Jonah Jameson for Mayor!

See how one bad apple spoils the bunch?

Mark S, as Mort Guffman explains above, it is NOT just “one bad apple” that is causing a problem. This type of thing occurs in Times Square on a regular basis. Unidentified in individuals in unlicensed costumes stand around the area hoping to entice tourists and their children to pose with them for a photo. And then afterwards, once the photo have been taken, the people in costume aggressively demand money for their “services.” If you offer then $1 or $5, they refuse to accept it, instead forcefully “requesting” $10 or $20. Sometimes they then get other people in costumes to back them up, intimidating the tourists through strength of numbers. It is an ongoing problem. Unfortunately there are First Amendment considerations that have prevented the authorities from cracking down on a lot of this behavior.

When I was growing up all the cops in New York were big tough guys you wouldn’t mess with. Today they hire anybody that applies. The police force here in New York is pathetic!!!

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