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A “Guardians of the Galaxy” fan shares his collection

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Hello and welcome to Shelf Porn, our weekly look at one fan’s collection. Today’s collection has an appropriate theme, given the big film that opened this weekend, as Armand shows us his “Guardians of the Galaxy” collection. Spoiler’s warning: There aren’t actually a lot of shelves in this edition of Shelf Porn. Like many of us do, Armand keeps most of his collection in long boxes, but pulled out some of his key Guardians issues to show them off here.

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And now here’s Armand …


My name is Armand Rock and I run the Guardians of the Galaxy fan page at

I fell in love with the original Guardians of the Galaxy the first time I picked up Jim Valentino’s series back in 1990. After the Guardians were cancelled 5 years later I actually sold most of the comic collection I had accumulated up to that point. The one thing I did keep though is all of the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. I stopped collecting comics for over 10 years.

In 2008 I wondered whatever happened to the Guardians of the Galaxy so I walked in to a local comic store only to discover there was a new series (completely unaware there was a new series!). I believe DnA’s run was at around issue 3 at the time. I have been collecting the Guardians ever since and do not intend to stop collecting again this time around. At the time I expended to collect some of the new team’s comics including the main series although I cannot do every single appearances like I used to for the original Guardians.

With the sudden surge in popularity I have had to scale back what I purchase from “everything” to certain types of things. Needless to say I can see my collection increase rather significantly because of the spotlight given by the movie.

There is actually a story behind all of those Marvel Super-Heroes you see in there. When I came back to comics I started to pick them up from eBay
every once in a while when they were cheap enough (20.00 and under shipped). My main reason was a study that I had read online about someone who purchased a specific item many times over to see how it would impact its online value. In the study the price increased all around. I accumulated all copies prior to the movie being announced.

Let me know what you think either on my facebook page or twitter @gotg1969











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Awesome!! I loved Jim Valentinos Guardians of the Galaxy series when i was a kid. Lot of great ideas in it. Glad Marvel is reprinting them.

Love the original art !!

I love it when someone goes all in on a particular book or character. Then you get sweet collections like this!

Thanks guys…as cool as the current guardians are i will always have a special place for the original team. I fell in love with them the first issue I read of Jim Valentino’s series in 1990.

nice collection espically the original version of the team including their heroclix ones.

Sasquatch by Night

August 2, 2014 at 6:12 pm

Now this is a collection! Well done!

That Defenders/Guardians run was a childhood favourite. Still is actually.

Fantastic. Just fantastic. Singular collections like this are always a joy to behold… there’s something fresh, crisp and clean-looking about them. Well done!

I’m too young to remember the original Guardians but this is really cool! Jealous of the original art.

I love these figures. I hope he is excited for the Guardians 3000 series when it comes out

I am not going to lie, I didn’t even realize that there were people out there that can claim that they are fans of the original Gaurdians of the Galaxy team. Congrats to u though.

Charlies i’m definetely aware of the Guardians 3000 series…will be picking it all up. I’m also aware of a few of them appearing in Uncanny Avengers :)

Interesting idea buying all the Marvel Heroes issues on eBay. Would like to hear more about the results.

Methinks it’s about time I published my Darkhawk shelf porn: 1 action figure, 99 million comics, and some random Marvel Masterpieces.

I love the collection. The Annihilation Conquest really got me into Guardians. Only problem is its hard to keep up with every issue old and new but I’m going to keep trying.

Nice I like how you have the 25 cent , the 30 cent variant and the 9 p on the marvel presents issue . Also totally jealous of the Suspense 39 . That I have been trying for years to get .

Loved your collection. Guardians fans are the best.
Have you seen this article? Maybe you could add the costume to your collection.

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