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Are you a fan of Rob Liefeld? Well, now there’s an app for that


Image Comics co-founder Rob Liefeld already keeps his fans up to date through his website and active Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts. But now the artist has gone a step further, launching an iOS app.

Introduced Thursday on the iTunes store, the free Liefeld App allows fans to browse and share some of his art from the past two decades, add his convention appearances to their calendars, access his biography, watch videos, see the latest comic book releases, and even ask him questions.

Developed by Curtiss Pope, the app comes with a free digital copy of Re:Gex, by Liefeld, Jeph Loeb and Tom Mason. The Liefeld App is expected to be available for Android within a few weeks.




why, how was there any demand for this!?!?

I might download it for the “Ask Rob” feature… With burning questions like “Who the hell told you that you have talent?” or ” How in the hell are you still in the comics industry?” or “How do you sleep at night knowing you have ruined so many characters and titles?”

Foot joke.

But more seriously, for all his sucking, how many characters and titles has he really ruined? His own? Were Hawk and Dove really doing that great before he worked on them?

If anything, he’s created some characters that could have stayed crappy but became vehicles for great stories by people like Joe Kelly, Alan Moore, Peter David and Warren Ellis.

Take the app and throw it in a pouch

Well that’s it, Smart Phones are now dumb. *tosses phone in the lake*

I hope and predict he gets majorly trolled.

Best. News. Ever.

I’m going to download the app on all of my devices!

I’d like to preface this by stating these are honest questions as I’d like to read these books.

Will Youngblood Vol. 2 #1-14 ever be published?

Will Youngblood #79+ ever be published as intended?

Will Brigade #24 & #24 ever be published?

Will Bloodstrike #23 &# 24 ever be published?

Will Bloodstrike #34 & #35 ever be published?

Will Brigade Vol.2 ever get a second issue?

Will the Brigage Vol. 3 Kickstarter project ever be published?

I’m sure I missed some so I’ll just finish by asking will these or any other unfinished work be completed so they can be collected into trades?

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