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Auction starts today for finest known copy of ‘Action Comics’ #1

action1For serious collectors with seriously deep pockets, this is a momentous day: It’s the beginning of the 10-day eBay auction of the holy grail of comic books — the finest known copy of Action Comics #1.

“I’ve been in business 28 years and you chase a lot of leads hoping to find something like this,” retailer Darren Adams, who owns the CGC-graded 9.0 copy, tells Seattle’s KCPQ TV. “This is the needle in the haystack, because most books are not preserved with such quality.”

The owner of Pristine Comics in Federal Way, Washington, Adams acquired the comic several years ago in a private sale, and stored it in a temperature-controlled vault. He tells the Federal Way Mirror the original owner bought the comic (for 10 cents) from a newsstand in 1938, and then stored it in a cedar box for about four decades until a local dealer in West Virginia purchased it in an estate sale. The issue then passed to a third person, who held onto it for 30 years.

Adams, the comic’s fourth owner, says he recently turned down an offer of $3 million, opting instead to sell it on eBay. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation, which is dedicated to curing spinal cord injury.

There are thought to be only about 30 unrestored copies of Action Comics #1 in existence. Just one other copy of Action Comics #1, the one previously owned by actor Nicolas Cage, has received a 9.0 rating from the Certified Guaranty Company, but it had “cream to off-white pages,” while Adams’ comic is considered to be in pristine edition. The Cage issue sold at auction in 2011 for a record $2.16 million.

“It’s been humbling to own this book, and I can check this off of my bucket list when I sell it,” Adams tells KCPQ. “I can always say I owned the most valuable comic in the world.”




Let me get out my AMEX Clear®

This story reminds me of the saga of the Elder Wand in Harry Potter.

Mega Millions drawing on Fri. LOL if I win, maybe Ebay will be willing to let me wait till I get that check if I’m lucky. :-)

So I clicked on the link, and it just shows that the auction starts on “00 days”. Is the general public allowed to watch the bidding as it unfolds?

You have to get pre approved to see or bid on the auction

Awesome. It seems odd to see a book like this on eBay though – I’d have thought Heritage or Metropolis as they’re the usual distribution channel for pristine Golden Age keys!

And does “finest known” mean “highest in CGC census”? (I just wonder how the Edgar Church copy compares.)

I understand pre-qualifying the bidders, but not being able to view the auction? F****** weak.

Oh if I had the money!

41 years ago this month,the price was still more or less,500 bucks,about to jump to1800.I had the money and didnt go for it.I was taught a wise man banked their first paychecks.

This is NOT the “finest known copy of Avtion Comics #1.”
This guy has only been collecting for 28 years, and just because HE says it’s the best copy does not make it so!
Any real collector of high-value books does NOT use eBay to auction off valuable issues, either.
Heritage Auction Comics is the place serious sellers and buyers go. That’s also where the “highest rated Action Comics #1″ sold for 2 years ago for $3.5M. It was grafed at 9.3 Universal.

The whole inability to watch this progress is a real downer.

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