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‘Big Hero 6’s’ Baymax and Hiro are heading to Disney parks

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Disney has announced it will bring Big Hero 6‘s Baymax and Hiro Hamada to Disneyland and Walt Disney World this fall to greet fans as part of a promotional push for the animated film.

Although Captain America, Thor and Iron Man have previously appeared at Disneyland, this will be the first time Marvel characters have greeted visitors at Disney World.

As we’ve noted several times, contracts predating Disney’s 2009 purchase of Marvel grant Universal Studios the exclusive rights to the company’s heroes in Florida. However, Inside the Magic reports that because the Big Hero 6 characters have never been seen at the Universal parks, Disney is free to use them in Orlando. The same is apparently true for Guardians of the Galaxy, which could mean that Rocket Raccoon and Groot could be heading to Florida soon.

Wasting no time, Disney is already casting for the role of Hiro. Big Hero 6 opens Nov. 7.



I am loving how integrated Marvel characters are in the Disney culture now. Bring on Rocket Raccoon!

When does the Universal contract end?

“When does the Universal contract end?”

From what I’ve read, Universal holds the character rights in Florida (and possibly even east of the Mississippi) in perpetuity.

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