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Comic Bento: It’s like Loot Crate, but with graphic novels

comic bentoI somehow managed to miss the launch of Comic Bento, a monthly graphic-novel subscription service in the tradition of Loot Crate.

A project of Blind Ferret, Comic Bento picks up where Pullist left off: Each month, a themed selection of graphic novels, from publishers ranging from DC Comics and Marvel to Oni Press and Image Comics, is boxed up (with some other goodies) and shipped to subscribers. For August, the theme is science fiction.

According to the website, it amounts to more than $50 worth of graphic novels for a price as low as $17.95 a month, plus shipping. Of course, the cost depends on which subscription plan you choose. One month is $20 (plus $5 shipping within the United States); a three-month plan works out to $18.34 a month, and so on.

A perusal of Comic Bento’s FAQ also turns up an interesting tidbit: For (truthful) subscribers under the age of 13 will receive boxes of family-friendly comics.

Those interested have 16-plus days to sign up for the September box. You can watch a Comic Bento unboxing video and review below.



So, it’s all the drek retailers couldn’t get rid of?

Tapping the market for people who just need new stuff all the time, no matter what that stuff is.

Real nerds, real fans are much more discerning.

A real fan is anyone that likes the item. Chill out. As the old saying goes, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

It’s Russian roulette with comics. The guy in the video lost.

Jonathon, people who live on a budget can’t afford to have trash sent to them on a monthly basis.

Chris, having enough money to afford it however doesn’t mean you aren’t a true fan. That’s the point, if you like it you are a fan and there is no additional criteria needed to be a true fan.

I think my 12 year old would like it…she can definitely tell the difference between a good book and a trash one but she very much enjoys reading both.

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