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How your favorite Marvel heroes measure up, in one handy chart

marvel heroes heigh-cropped

Often the infographics peddled by companies to websites aren’t that interesting or well-done, but I’ll have to hand it to and, more so, artist Kate Willaert: While opinions may vary on how interesting the Marvel Heroes Height Comparison Chart is, the art is certainly nice — and it’s sprinkled with a little humor.

They’re pretty savvy, too, as they not only include the Guardians of the Galaxy, but also Howard the Duck and Ant-Man. So now, the next time you’re involved in a bar wager that rests on who’s taller, Captain America or Hawkeye, you’ll have a quick-and-easy answer.

marvel heroes height comparison

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i feel like Colossus is too tall, and Hulk is too short….

Rocket is surprisingly tall. Also, I’d like to see Galactus or Ego the Living Planet on this chart. Or even Death’s Head or Bill Foster’s height at the time of his death.

I was surprised to see that Hawkeye is taller than Cap.

Also feel like Thing is too short

Where’s Meggan, Shadowcat and Rachel Summers?

Hulk’s too small, as is the Thing – where’d these heights come from?

Also, Star Lord, in the picture is taller than Deadpool (and would be taller still, if his head was straight!).
Abd Rocket is definitely too tall.

I’m with p_keely. I think Ben’s something like a foot too short, and surely Hulk should have a maximum height of around 9′.

The Thing was relatively short when drawn by Jack Kirby. Later writers have made him progressively taller and broader.

This chart is disappointing all around. Marvel should now their characters better, especially when dealing with the icons like Cap & Hulk.

The Thing should be more like around 7 feet tall. He’s not quite as big as the Hulk, but he is bigger than Thor. 6 foot might be about right for Ben Grim, though.

Know better not “now”.

This is wrong. Hulk is way bigger. Hulk smash puny inches.

yo Paul, pretty sure Marvel didn’t have anything to do with this.

The heights listed are all correct, according to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe. Yes, most artists draw Thing taller than that, or Rocket Raccoon shorter, but these are the characters’ official stats.

I always figured the Thing to be more like 5’10 or 5’11”. His naming Reed “Stretch” was also a reference to their height difference, I thought. I guess Ben picked up a few inches in the last five decades.

my favorite marvel character is namor the sub-mariner. he didn’t even make the list. as always he is never given any respect.

Dr. Cheesesteak

August 23, 2014 at 9:59 am

A lot of this is laughable. I get “powerful” ppl are conceived to be tall. But this overestimating of height is just ridiculous.

Whether we’re thinking of real life (it’s probably actually easier to be an athletic, martial artist to fight crime if you’re NOT TALL), or just looking at comics (can anyone showme where Cap’s eyes goes to Iron Man’s neck?), ppl – whether it’s official or unofficial – need to stop trying to put arbitrary heights on these characters.

lol, Hawkeye, blade and ironman taller than cap? this chart is complete bullio.

Well to be fair to Cap they are listing Iron Man’s height in this and not Tony Stark’s. I think we can all safely assume the suit has lifts built in. Because narcissism and also hydraulics.

This is fairly accurate, but there are a few flat out wrong bits. Rocket Raccoon was never 4 feet tall. The Thing might have been 6 feet before the radiation, but he grew in more than width when went rocky. He’s at LEAST 6’5. Captain America has been listed as 6’4 for a long time. Drax was at one point Hulk sized, and although he’s shrunk a little bit, he didn’t lose THAT much. He should be about 6’4 to 6’6 now. Colossus used to be mid to upper 6’s but maybe they’ve decided to make him look a bit more like his name. Hulk started as 7 feet, 1000 lbs but Gray Hulk was 6’5, Professor was 8 feet, and I’d imagine the Planet Hulk/Worldbreaker to be even larger.

I always assumed The Thing was around 5’9″ or so. Whenever he’s drawn tall, I cringe.

That’s Nick Fury JR. Nick Fury is the white guy we had for the first 60 odd years. Stop trying to be Ultimate 616. Mind you, we’re fine. Until they bring Miles Morales in as the new Spider-man. Then Marvel will be RUINED FOREVER!!!!

I was surprised that Hawkeye and Iron Man are taller than Cap. But I can get used to that.

The heights seem to be accurate according to the official Marvel Universe handbooks published since the mid-80’s. Many artists simply translate their sizes to whatever suits styles. The Thing is listed as 6 foot, and the Hulk’s height seems to be somewhat variable as it’s listed at 7 to 8 feet in height. Many artists have draw the Thing so close to the Hulk in height for so many years, he looks odd at his actual height. Colossus was listed as 7’5.

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