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Kirby Museum refutes claim it stole photocopied art

jack kirby museumThe Jack Kirby Museum & Research Center denies the allegation it stole more than 3,000 photocopies of the legendary artist’s pencil work, insisting they were donated by illustrator Greg Theakston, not loaned.

“After examining the evidence of the interaction between the two parties, we are confident the Museum has done no wrong,” the organization’s board of trustees said in a statement posted Monday.

A pop-culture historian and a friend of Jack and Roz Kirby, Theakston announced last week that he intended to file a stolen-goods report against the museum regarding the Xerox archives given to him by the Kirbys. Theakston, maintains he allowed museum trustee Randy Hoppe to borrow those copies with the understanding that “I would want them back someday.”

“As we were loading them into his car I underlined in red three times, ‘I will be back for these one day. When I return, I don’t want to hear you say, ‘I thought you gave those to me,'” Theakston wrote on his Facebook page. “Guess what he said when I asked for them back.” He contends that Hoppe told him in late June that he’d “get right on it,” but then stopped returning his messages.

In a statement posted Monday on the Kirby Museum website, the board said, “We have been pleased with our relationship with Greg Theakston over the years, especially considering the generous donations he made to our physical archives in 2008-2009.” However, the museum contends that while Theakston was provided with a gift acknowledgment letter for the first portion of his donation, he declined any for the subsequent portions.

“In written correspondence after the transaction occurred, Greg described the intent of his gift, where he used the word ‘donation’ a number of times and specifically named his set of photocopies as being among the items that he donated,” the statement reads. “There is no mention of any part of the donation being a loan, or that any of it is to be returned to him upon request. […] After examining the evidence of the interaction between the two parties, we are confident the Museum has done no wrong. For Mr. Theakston to accept an acknowledgement letter for his gift, to repeatedly express the intent of his donation after the gift was made, to allow us to refer to his donations as such in publications without correction, and then, after five years, to inform us that it was a loan and that he wants his property returned, we feel is not fair play. We can assure the public, Jack Kirby fans and our supporters that Trustee Randolph Hoppe acted honestly and in accord with our by-laws.”

Theakston responded to some of the claims overnight on his Facebook page, stating, “The museum is required to document donations. None exist.”

“From the start I told Randy that I would contribute all of my Kirby research to the museum when a real building housed it,” he wrote, responding to a question from a Facebook follower. “In the mean time I donated a box of Kirby-related items and got paperwork on the whole thing. That part was very professional.”



And that’s what happens in OBAMA’s America!!!


Such commenting, much hilarity

Why wouldn’t they get something in writing? Not necessarily a contract, but some kind of informal document signed by both parties? Weird.

i don’t get the ‘in OBAMA’s America’ comment. Was it intentionally supposed to seem ridiculous?

Ronnie the REAL American

August 13, 2014 at 5:19 am

“And that’s what happens in OBAMA’s America!!!”

Some, if not most, of the “donations” were during Bush’s reign in 2008.
“…he made to our physical archives in 2008-2009.”
Obama didn’t take office until 2009.

OMAC’s America, dummies

It seems like an institution dedicated to Jack Kirby would pause before taking the position, “Look, you knew what you were getting into when you entered into this agreement. We appreciate all you’ve done to enhance our organization — but, sorry, we’re keeping your art.”

I’d like to see Theakston produce documentation that he originally acquired the photocopies as a gift.

Here are some shows and articles we’ve done on the Greg Theakston/Kirby Museum issue.

In order:
Our interview with Greg Theakston on the matter, Kirby himself, and more…

Questions we posed to the Museum they were unable to answer weeks later…

Update on the “museum” issue starting around the hour mark…

Updates on Morrow Blog “never Greg’s”. brand new never before seen 17 year old claim vs. August ’14 press release insisting the opposite, the FAQ that was supposed to answer our questions, and the tax information provided by the Jack Kirby museum, which reveals there are business relationships between the trustees outside the scope of the museum. And more.

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