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Live news report derailed by discovery of life-sized Hulk statue


Thunderstorms dumped nearly 5 inches of rain on some parts of the Chicago area late last week, causing flooding in parts of the city and several suburbs. So, like many TV news teams, WGN took to the air to survey the damage. The live report was, presumably, going as these things usually do … until the anchor caught sight of a life-sized Incredible Hulk statue in someone’s back yard.

“Is that the Hulk there in the back yard?” the anchor says in the video below, interrupting the Skycam9 report. “I’m sorry, I’m just getting distracted by this video –”

Then things fall completely apart as a resident leaves the house to strike a muscleman pose before going back inside. Oh, come on, you’d do the same thing if Skycam9 were hovering above your life-sized Hulk statue.

Curiously enough, a similar Hulk statue was donated last year to a library in suburban Chicago.



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What’s so weird is that he would have something so valuable standing around in the backyard under all the elements! It needs to be inside. If I had it, it would at least be under the patio – but more likely in the living room.

Still, all in all, a funny story.

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