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MondoCon lineup includes ‘Future Shock!’ world premiere

Alex Ross' "The Iron Giant" Mondo print

Alex Ross’ “The Iron Giant” Mondo print

Mondo has announced the complete lineup for the inaugural MondoCon, the Sept. 20-21 event in Austin, Texas, celebrating film, music, art and toys. And it turns out the participation of artists Geof Darrow, Francesco Francavilla, Jock, Mike Mignola and Bernie Wrightson is only the tip of the comics presence.

There’s the world premiere of Future Shock! The Story of 2000AD, a documentary celebrating 35 years of the influential comics anthology (watch the trailer below); a “Designing Movies” panel, with Darrow, Jock, Mignola, Wrightson and others discussing their film work; and “Geof Darrow’s Shaolin Cowboy,” which includes a presentation of eight minutes of never-before-seen animation from an uproduced adaptation of his comic.

Add to that such additional guests and exhibitors as Becky Cloonan, Brian Ewing, Bryan Lee O’Malley, Oni Press and Tim Sale, plus exclusives like Alex Ross’ limited-edition Iron Giant print (his first Mondo work). You can read the full rundown on the MondoCon website.

Tickets, now available at, cost $35 for one day, or $70 for the weekend. A full weekend ticket to MondoCon will be included with all VIP badges for Fantastic Fest.



Can’t wait to watch the 2000AD documentary, what I’ve seen so far looks comprehensive and superb! :-)

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Detta blir ett intressant tema, ta bara det gråa diset som ligger över svedala, här gäller det att ha fantasi, och därav vill Helena locka ut oss och tom tänka :) Bra jobbat Helana!

This defense GOT an overall in the draft. Six new players to be exact. Yes, this was a piss-poor performance, Hawk and Woodson are overpaid, but I’m optimistic about the future of this D.In about Four games, we’ll see Jarrett Bush off the field and Casey Hayward and Sam Shields more on the field, Mike Neal will return from suspension(hey, there could be something there), D.J. Smith could very well improve, as will Jerel Worthy and Mike Daniels.Personally, I haven’t given up on Johnny Jolly returning yet either. Again, PERSONALLY.Just give the D time.

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