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‘Ms. Marvel’ puts Logan to good use


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The conclusion of the two-part Wolverine guest-shot in Ms. Marvel #7 is not just one of the best issues of the series to date, it’s one of the most fun superhero comics I’ve read in a while. Writer G. Willow Wilson, artist Jacob Wyatt and colorist Ian Herring start with a giant sewer alligator, throw in a Family Circus-esque climb, and end with a couple of high-profile cameos ruminating on Kamala Khan’s potential.

Literally from the first panel, which caricatures Kamala a la Teen Titans Go, the issue sets a very playful tone, while at the same time not losiing sight of Kamala’s perspective on her adventure. Monsters, supervillains, and sewers are old hat for Wolverine and his fans — and so are teenage-girl proteges, for that matter — but not for her. When she grabs the critter’s tail, or goes for its vulnerable spots, Wilson, Wyatt, and Herring make sure the reader knows that. More importantly, when our heroes discover the nature of the villain’s plot, Kamala takes responsibility for stopping it. Although this isn’t an issue about building the new Ms. Marvel into a world-beater, it does feature some important next steps. What keeps it from being Mary Sue-ish is the creative team’s winning portrayal of their headliner.

The first few issues of Ms. Marvel established Kamala’s character and her surroundings, and this adventure builds successfully on that foundation. I look forward to the dividends it will pay when Kamala goes back to her family and friends.




Nice art.

Logan hates selfies. :D

And that was probably the last picture Logan took before dying!

I agree, this issue was fantastic. Having Wolverine cameo/guest star in a book can often be mere hype with no real story purpose, but here his appearance was perfect ! The difference between the newbie hero and seasoned and cynical professional was played with in a fun way, and the fact that Wolvie cannot help himself when it comes to mentoring young female heroes just added a new level of interest and hilarity.

Great issue! It managed to remind me of why I used to love Wolverine, but Kamala herself is the main attraction of course.

It was nice that Logan was also not up to his usual uber powerfulness. I have no idea why he can’t heal himself and I really don’t care for this story. He comes off more like a mentor and that’s what Kamala needed. If Logan could go berserker nuts, there would be no need for Kamala.

Now I want to see Kamala team up with Squirrel Girl in the future :)

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