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Quote of the Day | Amy Reeder on Milo Manara, context and ‘personhood’

SPIDERWOMAN001Manara-a3461-ad504“If you want to know my opinion on Milo Manara’s Spider-woman cover, I’m going to have to disappoint you and say I feel super divided on it. I love Milo Manara!! It’s a variant cover…so it’s sort of an erotica variant! Of course, I’d also like to see Katie Cook do her own version…that’d make Marvel’s choice seem a little less like a systemic problem. And yes, it’s all a different story with context, but without context, it is a bit jarring and I don’t negate that because the Internet really changes our experience these days. And the image itself does remind me a lot of images by artists I DON’T respect…I wish it looked more characteristically Manara instead of a Greg Horn illustration (sorry, Greg Horn! (Not that you care!)). Again, all that said, it’s Milo Manara and if anybody should be able to do things how he wants, it should be him.

“That’s not my point. My point is, it’s not an easy thing to evaluate or explain what is okay and what’s not. Some sexy drawings of women I can get behind, some I can’t. Some of that’s context. But a lot of it is what seemed like a weird intuition that I couldn’t really pinpoint, until recently.

“The word that changes everything for me is ‘personhood.’ Does this woman seem like a person? Do they have life breathed into them? A personality? Or are they an object? Do they feel manufactured or repetitive? Would guys who like this appreciate that I am a living, breathing woman? Or would they complain I talk too much?”

Rocket Girl artist Amy Reeder, responding to the controversy around erotic comic artist Milo Manara’s variant cover for Spider-Woman #1. She goes on to give examples of women portrayed with and without “personhood” in a long and thoughtful post. Manara has also responded to the controversy.



It’s Manara!

I suggest a variant to the “ice bucket challenge”: either donate $100 to a charity that supports woman in comics, or post a video of yourself in Spider-Woman cosplay doing THAT pose.

Didn’t really know Manara (my ignorance?), but when I looked him up it was quite obvious the kind of artwork (genre) he works in. So, no surprise really.

i dont understand why the is so much controversy over this image theres no nudity she wears spandex suit for fuck sake its gunna hug tight against her body i dont even see any porn position the way she has been posed the way i see it she’s spying on someone maybe a enemy who know such a stupid argument

MANara is the MAN! I am a FAN of MANara and personally, i can GET BEHIND that spiderwoman! Heils to MANara for showing a sexual side to Spiderwoman and not leaving her 1 dimensional!

Give me Manara’s over Greg Land’s amputee Spider Woman any day.

“Personhood.” I think that is a good call Amy . I love Manara’s work I have since the seventies when I discovered him . An excellent draughtsman . My impression of why there may be an uproar is because his art looks more realistic. There have been so many more sexualized poses on the covers of comic books for decades and the big difference that I can see between Manara’s and the rest is that most of the others look like cartoons whereas Manara’s is more realistic despite what others may want to criticize about the anatomy . I’ve seen so many comic book covers with a female superhero where she is displaying both her oversized, gravity defying bresat and her rear end all in the same pose ! How is that physically possible ? Now if you took this one step further and did it with photography you really get an uproar. Some how I think most people think that if you show a sexualized pose it’s okay as long as it’s not drawn well or if it looks like a cartoon .

There is one thing about Manara that I respect over the Lands and Deodatos of the world. Milo Manara is admitedly an erotic artist. He doesn’t claim to be an adventure artist or superhero artist, while doing badly disguised porn. So that is his line of work, pictures that get people sexually excited.

Listen! The silence you hear is Kelly Thompson et al. not complaining about Marvel. Thank God it was not any art for DC or we would be reminded of DC’s objectification of women.

If Kelly’s got a column’s worth of opinion about it, she’ll soon post it.

There’s a big difference between a DRAWING of a woman, and an actual living, breathing woman.

I remember back in the day, people would write in to Wizard magazine asking things like “Do you think Psylocke is the hottest chick in X-Men” and the editor (Jim McLaughlin I think) would shoot back some snarky reply like “How can Psylocke be hot, she’s not even real!” (or something along those lines).

I’ m sorry, I saw a beautiful cover first. Makes me wanna buy it! Then this $&@$ storm started… I’m a 44 yr old man, I’m not oblivious, but I honestly saw a beautiful cover first….

Spider-Man poses like at all the time. It’s not even really sexualized, it’s just the way spider-people pose when they’re crawling on a wall or are about to jump.

As a father of two little girls, I am happy to see that a paradigm shift against the objectification of women on comic books is taking place. That is long overdue. However, as a long time Manara fan, I still think that that cover came out beautifully, has just mild sensuality implied and that I’d rather have that shipping as an alternate cover than yet another average run-of-the-mill Marvel artist any day and I stand by it.

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