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Russia is tired of Bulgarians vandalizing Soviet monument

Vandalized monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia, Bulgaria

Vandalized monument to the Soviet Army in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2011

In 2011, we reported on an epic act of vandalism: A graffiti artist in Sofia, Bulgaria, transformed a monument dedicated to the the Soviet Union’s 1944 “liberation” of the country into a superhero tableau. The eclectic group includes Superman, Captain America, the Joker and Ronald McDonald, who I guess is kind of a superhero if you’re hungry.

This week, the Russian government gave us an excuse to revisit the story by complaining to the Bulgarian government that it wasn’t trying hard enough to stop repeated vandalism of the statue and bring the culprits to justice.

The superhero vandalism was cleaned off in 2011 (at a cost of $720), only for it to be painted pink two years later, with the words “Bulgaria apologizes,” marking the anniversary of the Prague Spring. It was hit in February, with one of the soldiers painted the colors of the Ukraine flag, and again just this week, in red.

That was just too much for the Russian Foreign Ministry, which issued this statement: “In connection with the outrageous act of vandalism,a note of protest was promptly lodged with the Bulgarian Foreign Ministry with a demand for taking measures to prevent such incidents in the future, bringing those responsible for breaching the law to justice and putting the grave and the monument in order.”



OK, Russia is complaining about a Bulgarian graffiti artist painting a statue in Bulgaria. Maybe they ought to ship it back to Russia COD.

If we needed further evidence that the current Russia is really just the USSR with the serial numbers filed off, this is it.

That’s a good way of putting it. It reminds me of Orwell’s Animal Farm, redux. Now Napoleon is Putin instead of Stalin.

Why do Russia even care about a statue commemorating the Soviets ? They throw that system out in 1989? Its not good enough for Russia but Bulgaria has to remember? Thats a little two faced.

Bulgaria and Bulgarian people have the pretty strange feeling to Russians. Let us say that Russians n Russian-Turkish war liberated them for Ottoman Empire, but Bulgarian government became immediately influenced by Germans, though Germany DID NOT lose people and money to help them to get rid from Turks and their taxation. the Bulgaria was the ally of Germany in WWII. When the war was lost by aes, of course, armies of allies invaded Bulgaria. It was Russian army in Bulgarian case, is is what they complained about? I do not believe it. Now , when the new gas pipe is projected to be build through Bulgaria for Russian gas, and the USA wants Europe to forget Russian gas on behalf of more expensive and less productive American one, which EU certainly on’t do, they are writing articles about this comedy with graffiti.. I do not think that Bulgarian government , when defeated in WWII preferred American army to Soviet. What for? And now EU preferred cheaper and better Russian gas to worse one from the USA. An remember how in the movie “Casablanca” Bulgarian woman talked about “Devil keeping people’s throats in Bulgaria”,- do you?That time it was not important who exactly would invade Germany’s ally, it was important to defeat these ally!

As much as I hate vandalism I have to say this is awesome as a piece of criminal/street art (or whatever it is) and a big “#@%$ you” to the Russians. I wonder who the other characters are. I see Santa Claus and the others could be the Mask, Wolverine, Robin and Wonder Woman.

“Why do Russia even care about a statue commemorating the Soviets ?”

First, it doesn’t commemorate the Soviets. It commemorates the Soviet Army’s struggle to liberate Bulgaria in the Great Patriotic War (WWII for us). Second, defeating the Nazis is one of the major things the Russians can openly say they’re proud about the Soviet era. They don’t like anyone insulting them in general and vandalizing a monument to that part of their history is a big nono. Hell, there a lot of Russians who still dream of the days when the Soviet Union was a major superpower capable of many feats in the world arena (I guess Putin is one of them and that’s why he acts like a moron).

@Simon DelMonte
“If we needed further evidence that the current Russia is really just the USSR with the serial numbers filed off, this is it.”

You are talking nonsense. Russia has denounced the vandalism of an important historical structure that reminds us of the feat that was the victory in WW2. Defacing that statue is neither “funny” nor “awesome”. Do you remember 9/11 well? Well, for Russians and the other nations that made up the former Soviet Union World War 2 was like a thousand 9/11s put together. Repainting that monument is something akin to someone spray-painting the slogans of Al-Qaeda on the walls of the 9/11 Memorial at Ground Zero.

“As much as I hate vandalism I have to say this is awesome as a piece of criminal/street art (or whatever it is) and a big “#@%$ you” to the Russians”.

You are right, it is a big “#@%$ you” to the Russians. And to the Estonians, Kazakhs, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Tajiks and Armenians and Belorussians and to every other nationality that fought on the side of the Allies. The sacrifices made by them on the Eastern front meant that the grandfathers of the present-day Britons, the French and the Americans have had a much better chance of making it back home from the Western front. If someone in your family has fought in WW2 maybe you should take a pause for a second and wonder if that person would have been dead had it not been for those evil Russians who died fighting the Germans so that your grandfather/great-grandfather did not have to. Maybe you wouldn’t have been around had it not been for their contribution to the war.

My great grandfather was a polish policeman so he was executed by the russian occupancy. Then my grandfather and his sister and mother lived in russian labor camps for a short while before being released to walk through Siberia. I’m sure many Russians took issue with events like this, but it was push come to shove that they eventually joined against Germany.

The statue has that historic significace and that’s great for historians and proud families of veterans, but i think it’s more an attack on current politics like a lot of graffiti. And man it cracks me up.

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