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‘Storms of Carnage’ fan film unleashes the Black Panther

storms of carnage

While we’ve certainly seen a number of fan films featuring Superman, Judd Dredd and the Bat-family (the Dark Knight, Batgirl, Nightwing, the Gotham villains, etc.), I think this is the first one I’ve seen starring Black Panther.

The brainchild of D.A. Jackson, who wrote, directed and starred, Storms of Carnage: The Black Panther Unleashed is an extremely violent — as “Storms of Carnage” may suggest — “real-world” take on the Marvel character that’s part political/crime thriller, part no-holds-barred martial-arts film. (Seriously, the last half isn’t safe for work, or possibly for the squeamish.)

Although criticism can be aimed at some of the camera work and acting — you’ll wince as the goateed antagonist chews up the scenery — the fight choreography is fairly impressive. And be sure to stick around after the credits for a perhaps-unexpected cameo.

Jackson, who tells The Huffington Post, he’d like to see Marvel Studios “take a chance with a big-screen version of T’Challa,” plans to continue his reimagining with a second installment.

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Really bad acting unfortunately

Are people suffering from head trauma? That was HORRIBLE.

Oddly, the bad acting hits on one thing a Black Panther movie might need. Klaw.

And the bit where the white guy gets hit in the shoulder because T’Challa was in slow mo was such bad acting it’s awesome.

God… That was terrible.

Bad film work, bad lighting, bad writing.
But none of that is as bad as the acting.
The character does not represent any incarnation of the Black Panther whatsoever. He makes Bale’s Batman voice sound like a true thespian.

And to throw Storm in at the end (With such horrible audio recording that you can barely make out what she’s saying) is ridiculous. You’re introducing T’Challa for the first time, you aren’t going to be throwing the X-Men in on top of that.

Horrible all around. The creator should stay out of the cinematography world.

This is horrible. I feel ashamed for these people.

Where was the costume? No costume = generic angry black guy beating up generic clueless henchmen with generic bwahahahahah bad villain. It’s like a Steven Seagal film with no budget at all.

Holy shit, people. This was an independently produced film with amateur actors and home made sets not a $300 million Marvel studios production. It was pretty damn impressive for what they had to work with. Acting wasn’t bad , fight choreography was solid and digital effects looked as good as any digital effects ever look. If you think it’s so terrible, you raise the money and put together your own version and we can compare them. It’s definitely the most violent version of the character we’ll EVER see, because even Marvel will tone T’challa down if they make a big budget version. This is what grindhouse super hero movie would look like. Nicely done guys.

Oh BIlly… shit is shit no matter how much money they spent. Using your “logic” no one could ever criticise a Michael Bay film unless they were willing to raise 150 million and try making it themselves. That’s just dumb thinking.

as for my own critique – I’ve seen worse.

As someone who’s from South Africa, they… uh… missed the country by several thousand miles in their opening animation. Nice work.

The acting isn’t all that great — but it’s a fan film, so it’s to be expected. The only real take-away, in my opinion, is that T’Challa is a bona fide bad-ass to the core here [Black Rob Voice] like WHOA! [/Black Rob Voice]

It was a valiant attempt, and I, for one, appreciate it 100%

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