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This Groot costume will make you rethink your Halloween plans


With a nearly $127 million domestic box-office haul, an inescapable marketing campaign, countless merchandising tie-ins and a soundtrack debuting at No. 3 on the Billboard charts, it’s safe to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy is worming its way into our pop-culture consciousness. And come Halloween, the streets and malls will be crawling with little trick-or-treaters dressed as Rocket Raccoon, and every grown-up party will feature at least two Draxes, a Star-Lord and a Gamora.

But few of them will be able to hold a candle to this Groot costume created by Calen Hoffman. The photos show the work in progress, which will likely clue in cosplayers as to how he produced the almost movie-ready ensemble.  The last time I sculpted anything was in 11th grade art class, so I’m happy to just sit back and marvel at the finished product.

On Hoffman’s Facebook page, he says trying to gauge interest in a full-sized bust or head sculpt, so you may want to put your orders in now. See some of the photos below, and many more at






I didn’t like it at first, but its starting to grow on me…

He needs a Rocket Raccoon on his shoulder

I’m betting that we’ll see a ton of parent/child Groot/Rocket combos at next years’ cons. Would so totally do it with my daughter, except that would be a huge amount of effort.

Few Cosplays have impressed me as much as this.

With a costume like that he won’t be LEAFING the party early!

Harold, is that you? :P

That is amazing!! I was thinking of making a little Groot costume for my son (he will be almost 2 at Halloween) but this is way more intense than I would ever be able to do! The link didn’t really tell you how he made the body (with what materials I mean) and how he gets into it :)

Robin eggertsen

August 8, 2014 at 2:31 pm

What cost


Calen is a great guy. I was a fan for almost 5 years, I call him a friend now. He amazes me all the time. I hope my cosplay to someday be to his caliber. He is a great teacher and responds pretty fast if you ask for assistance. I am proud to call him a brother of the KC cosplay and photography group on Facebook. Everyone look the group up for other great talent too. As I say it again Calen is well above par and I am proud to know him. I am hoping to work with him alot more.

Whould I be able to buy this from you the body suit if you wan to talk about it e-mail me

Hi would you be able to make a video with step by step instructions? I really wanna make this Groot costume! Great job btw!

This is a guy costume. I love to be Groot, but he is too macho for my voice.

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