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‘Dredd: The Musical’ makes a rousing case for ‘Dredd’ sequel


Despite the continued optimism of star Karl Urban, a sequel to the 2012 film Dredd would seem like a longshot. Still, in the past couple of years plenty of fans have been a case for a return to Mega-City One, box-office receipts be damned.

However, none of those arguments has been as convincing — or as moving — as “Dredd: The Musical,” the latest video from Legolambs. With its refrain of “It’s time to make Dredd II,” the rousing anthem is performed by Urban and Sylvester Stallone (or close enough), who belt out lyrics like, “We’re well behind the schedule, we should be on Part 3. There are follow-ups for Iron Man and Thor, so why not me?”

If this doesn’t win over studio executives, then nothing will.

(via Batt’s Rambles!)



Hear! Hear! I really hope this helps the sequel.

I know I did not go to see the film in theaters due to the lingering taint of Stalone’s flick. I recently had a chance to see the film on Netflicks and – oh man – this was gloriously good. Almost the perfect Dredd film. I wish I had seen it in theaters. I really hope they make a sequel!

Man, does Urban resemble early Ezquerra renditions of Dredd…
I’m sure most Dredd fans would love to see a sequel with the Dark Judges (at least Judge Death), but that would almost certainly be a much more expensive film that anyone would be willing to bank. :(

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